Things a Mother is not Prepared For

You stop. You kneel. You pray.

It’s what a mother does in the news of great tragedy.

I got a call from my Gracie yesterday about 4:00 pm, who left for church camp on Sunday with our youth group.  Her voice was quivering, but the first thing she made sure to say was that she was ok.

Then, followed the news.

“Mom, two people from camp drowned today.”

This hit too close to home.  Six local churches in our area gather together every year for a youth camp called ETV (Experience the Valley).  Both Julia and Grace have gone to this camp for the last couple years. (Julia stayed home this summer though).

Steve (my hubby), and his mom drove up to camp yesterday after the news.  His mom is a counselor, and Steve has a great gift in moments like these because he seems to have the ability to bring a sense of calm in the storm.

The local news is swarming the area as the story unfolds.  I watch all the reports with a sick stomach.  An accident.  A boy slips at the foot of the waterfall and the counselor jumps to rescue.

My heart breaks for the families, the moms and dads, brothers and sisters who hurt, my church family who mourns, the other churches with loss, friends, community, kids, and others who heroically tried to rescue them.  Yet, the current of the water was too strong, and the day ended with great tragedy.  We can’t control death.

The question we all ask is, “Why God?”

My last words to Grace (the lifeguard in me), I said, “Be careful at the water.”

Crazy to think it could have been any kid. It could have been mine.  Yet, two other moms cry tonight.  Tragedy ties the community when we all recognize we are not immune to death.  A mama’s worst nightmare, it’s hard to imagine.

God provides comfort but …uggg… I still am in shock.

Please pray for the two families who lost loved ones, and all the staff and counselors who are left to deal with such a loss.

5 Comments on “Things a Mother is not Prepared For

  1. sad all around, but this wa not God it was an accident. I’ll say many prayers, we have lost many young friends thru the years, it it so painful.

  2. I tried leaving a comment a couple times last night but just didn’t know what to say – still don’t really. How hard this must be for everyone! I went to sleep praying for the families and all the kids/counselors who are affected. I’m sure I will continue to think of them all day and will lift them up in prayer as I do.

  3. I am SO sorry. I can’t even imagine. I’m just really sad for that entire community. Our prayers are with you all. The Wooldridge’s.

  4. I heard tonight on channel two news, portland that they retrieved both bodies so at least the families can ‘move’ on towards services and some closing time. It will always be painful and hard to understand. It is very tragic… so much is lost. I am sorry for all involved. Accidents do happen and we don’t know why.

  5. Lifting all of you up in prayer! As a mother, I can only imagine the heaviness and it is beyond painful. I am so sorry for the loss in your church community. Thank you for sharing.

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