Goodbye Christi

When a good thing comes to an end, it’s always hard.

This last week we found out that Isabel’s sponsored child, Christi, is leaving the Compassion program.  We don’t know why, but we know these things happen. Sometimes kids move, sometimes other things get in the way. Regardless of the reason, it’s hard saying goodbye.

Christi called Isabel her sister. When Isabel first met Christi at age five, Christi was a shy little thing.  She cried out of fear when nine giant white people walked into her home. 

But Isabel went over to Christi’s side and intuitively knew what to do. She sat down next to the crying child and sang a song to Christi, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” Christi instantly stopped crying, and listened.  This was the beginning of a sweet friendship that would take them through their childhood.  Now, both girls are 13 years old.

We never got back to visit Christi again regardless of Christi continually asking when we were coming back.  Unfortunately, Indonesia is a long ways a way, especially where Christi lives.  But it’s been an amazing blessing for us to have Christi in our lives, and see Isabel grow from having the opportunity to write Christi and be her sponsor.

Now, Isabel is in the process of finding another little girl to sponsor.  She wants to sponsor someone younger and have a chance to be influential in the life of a girl.  She is looking toward the Africa region, and yes, she plans to travel, so the decision is a big one and overwhelming. She is going on line and searching for the right child to sponsor, and praying over this big decision.  It’s overwhelming seeing all their faces as there are so many that need a sponsor.  Some have been waiting a long time, so Isabel is drawn to these children.

Saying goodbye to Christi is hard, but we are grateful that God will bring another child into our lives.   Hopefully, Christi leaves knowing that she is loved.

As a mom, I am grateful that Isabel has had this opportunity to have this friendship with Christi for so many years. It’s made Isabel into the young, compassionate lady she is, providing her the opportunity to pray for someone, care for someone and love someone else from another country. It’s made her aware of those who live in poverty, and taught her to think beyond her own needs. Christi has written some sweet and unforgettable words to Isabel, and truly this relationship was from God.

Goodbye Christi, you will be missed.

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