Roadblocks – My journey in Uganda

I couldn’t have done this 20 years ago. I couldn’t have stepped on a small plane in the middle of Africa to fly to a place where I would have to land on a dirt runway.DSC_6212 (8) The reason why I couldn’t have done this 20 years ago was due to fear. I use to have an overwhelming, paralyzing fear of flying. But no more, thank God.

So yesterday, I got on that small plane and landed on a dirt runway in the middle of nowhere, with no airport in site, and I had fun doing it. As we landed, the children from a nearby school ran across a field toward the plane with curiosity in their eyes to see what guests would be arriving. All their smiles greeted us. DSC_6215 (6)

This morning, (it is Saturday here) I woke up to the sounds of the roosters crowing. It’s about 5:30am. As I laid in bed thinking (because I couldn’t sleep anymore), I started thinking of the many ways God has worked in my life to overcome obstacles and roadblocks; one of those being fear.

Life is full of challenges, and roadblocks. In my life, there have been times the mountains in front of me looked too big to climb, and the monsters seemed too scary to conquer.

I am so thankful today to be waking up to the sound of roosters in Africa. I can’t believe I am here and I feel so happy and at peace. I feel immensely blessed by my friendship with Ann (who I am with). She is such a gem and I love watching her create her stories, and I love that I get to be here to see her and her daughter meet their sponsored child today. I can’t wait to see what stories she writes from this journey, because truly she has a gift with words. Had I let the obstacle of fear conquer me years ago, I wouldn’t be here today to experience this blessing. This is God’s grace poured out on my life.

Friends, what roadblocks keep you from saying, “yes” to God?

Possibly the obstacles won’t automatically go away, but step out in faith and trust that God will help move those obstacles. It will be worth it, I promise.

From Africa,


2 Comments on “Roadblocks – My journey in Uganda

  1. I have been reading some of Ann’s posts – didn’t realize you were there with her. So cool!

  2. Patricia, Amazing! God is so good! I had an similar experience in Peru in 1996, when we went with a small group lead by a retired missionary, who had spent 25 years in Peru. We had many adventures, but when I realized we were going to fly in six seater planes flown by Missionaries into the Amazon, I was Terrified!! As we flew over the Amazon, and then landed on a grass field, greeted by the Chipebo (?) people, I was thanking God for the incredible opportunity. Bob Anderson, the missionary (SAM) was asked to lead them in a service in their native language under a straw hut, which was their church!! We were able to fly an ill man back to Pulcappa to the hospital (weight had been reserved in advance by the missionaries, who weighed each of us and the items we were bringing to the Amazon). God’s presence was so evident!!

    So excited to hear about your story and God’s overwhelming peace in all circumstances!!! I am so blessed to know you and to have been to Ecuador with you. Our team is really excited about our return in August!

    Judith Lowrey

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