When a Journey Doesn’t Start the Way you had Planned.

My day has not been perfect.

I woke at 5am up eager to get on my way to Guatemala. However, while in the shower, Steve informed me that our 8am flight to the DC area was delayed until 10am. Then it went to 10:30, then to 11 am. Oh well…back to bed. After all, our flight is just to a gateway city where we will meet Ann Voskamp and her family tomorrow. No connecting flights to miss today.

However, about the time I was getting ready, I discovered that our dog ate a toxic amount of dark chocolate.

So, before my flight, not quite fully prepared, I drove off to the vet to have the dog fixed.  I threw my credit card down on the counter at the vet, turned in my dog like an old library book and said, “I have to catch a flight, this is the dog that ate chocolate.”  (I had called earlier about the amount of chocolate and they told me to rush him in). Well, the vet lady looked at me as if I was crazy, but then I explained that my wonderful 83-year-old mom was on her way to make sure the dog would be ok and she would take him home.  We then got to the airport on time so all was good. And, that chocolate bar cost us $120, but the dog is ok. I do love my dog.

With my stress on orange alert today,  I was undeniably not fun for Steve to be with. Enough said.

We are on our way now. Tomorrow our journey begins, or better yet, comes full circle with Ann Voskamp. We are taking her back to the dump project in Guatemala, and all six of her kids, the Farmer and her mom will  be with us to see where it all started for Ann. I can’t wait.

Steve and I love Ann, and over the last few years, we have watched not only her book change lives, “One Thousand Gifts,” but we have watched her life change as she encountered Jesus throughout the world through the children of Compassion.

Hopefully our night in DC will give me a chance to settle that stress from the chocolate incident. I hope you follow Ann’s blog this week.

It’s right here at A Holy Experience

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