When January Comes and the Days Seem Dark – Where is the Epic?

Here it is, January 4th. I am planning to live out an epic year for 2015.  However, not everyday in this epic year is going to feel good, and not every epic moment is going to be something fun.

January is here, and this is always the hardest month of the year for me. I am one of those northwest people that historically suffers from seasonal depression disorder.DSC_5160It’s dark, it’s cold, and all the Christmas lights are gone.

Today, my baby girl drove back to college. Tonight, I basically feel like I need to curl up in the corner with a big blanket over my heart.


Saying goodbye this time, was especially hard. Getting up this morning was especially hard.

Tomorrow, we all go back to the routine.

Where is the epic moment now?

DSC_4619My goal this year is to see things in a new way.DSC_4617 Life is not always what I want, nor what I expect.

Even though January is historically long, cold, and dark, it too can bring surprises. It still can be epic with beautiful moments.

Like when the girl says “yes”. DSC_5448And I agree to take some photos for a young couple on an epic journey, and I find out their love story. DSC_5127And I realize, there is so much more of life out there, than within my own walls and my own January.

I walked into the story of the boy from Kansas and the girl from Washington, and how they fell in love, and it didn’t matter to them that it was January. They were happy. DSC_5528 So, the epic moment is no longer about me. The epic moment is their story that I got to be apart of.

Some seasons, may seem a little harder than others, but I think we just have to look beyond ourselves to see what God wants us to see, and to experience what God wants us to experience.

DSC_5492 (1) DSC_5482


2 Comments on “When January Comes and the Days Seem Dark – Where is the Epic?

  1. Incredible photos! I understand the seasonal depression. When I lived in Massachusetts I experienced that. There are some pros to Florida. But thank you for your words…your reminder that how we look at things can change the outlook so much. And that we can join in the joy of others.

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