On This Day. The Day my Daughter got Married

It was about seven weeks ago, when Steve and I experienced one of the biggest parental moments one can go through in life. We just got the pictures this week, so it brought back a flood of feelings and memories.

Seven weeks ago, we married off our oldest daughter. As a mama, I don’t know that any words could have prepared me emotionally for what I would feel on my daughters wedding day, or the days following.

On my baby’s wedding day, I felt complete happiness for her. Complete joy. Overwhelmed. Loved. Proud. Consumed. Emotional.

This picture is from the morning of her wedding day. When I look at this picture, I remember the emotion I felt. I just wanted to hold my little baby girl ,of whom I had always held, when she needed her mama. It would be one of the most significant days of her life. And mine.

13576749_1275015332509637_7208941892777104898_oOn this day, part of me was wrestling with the feeling of loss of letting go, but the other part of me was so excited for her. She was the most beautiful bride in the world in my eyes, and I couldn’t believe what I saw unfold as she was getting ready.13584985_1275013279176509_4623117494278273312_oOn this day, she kept saying, “I feel so pretty.”

And it made me happy.

13603346_1275013299176507_4609491707084461643_oOn this day, we had so much fun getting ready. My other daughters, along with the other bridesmaids, melted my heart with their pretty pink dresses and beautiful bouquets. 13640986_1275016622509508_6519084345702003191_o13640895_1275014102509760_1031944481859469702_o    13603666_1275013362509834_5966227977213016450_o

On this day, she was surrounding by everything beautiful. 13603451_1275016865842817_2434533946647446658_oOn this day, I fell in love with him like a mama, all the more. He loves her. He loves her so much.

13582094_1275005669177270_3568182377427715631_o The handsome groomsmen in blue, looking so dapper. It’s all a girls dream, when its right.

On this day, I saw…right, and I was so happy for my daughter.

13582160_1275003595844144_748317783183899850_o13558733_1275005509177286_5570723579387966734_oOn this day, I would sit and watch my husband walk my girl down the aisle to let her go. A girl he had poured blood, sweat and tears for. A girl he would give up his life for. A girl he held as a treasure. A girl he would fight with and love so fiercely. A girl so much like him, sometimes it’s crazy. 13568957_1275006889177148_5685291355524522394_o13613566_1275007029177134_8481282940002446150_o13584648_1275007055843798_2258466591428857311_oLet’s just stop and look at this last picture. Then let’s look at the bridesmaids. 13613187_1275017359176101_4652347791434401321_oOk….

Then we witnessed pure beauty as we let go.  13568955_1275006892510481_8429620817116804648_o13580572_1275017442509426_6338080418613900677_oOn this day we let go.

13585013_1275014405843063_3134297637037315097_oOn this day, we embraced the future. I love the future. 13584985_1275017535842750_992613364398500615_o13568869_1275008369177000_3992302217121622217_o 13603452_1275008372510333_6581819964271939733_oI love Luke.

13613524_1275008575843646_944060125514801785_oOn this day, I saw a new family begin.13640951_1275008535843650_7934253911597172326_oOn this day, I saw joy!

13559139_1275015475842956_8836109874159898058_oAnd we celebrated!13603346_1275015672509603_6617040655144612805_o 13585084_1275008792510291_7825443023500623497_o

13575800_1275008642510306_6189404403519651513_o13584967_1275008782510292_2895642549825062454_o13576619_1275008785843625_1729414688718119801_oAnd finally, on this day, we sent them off to their future. 13582178_1275009019176935_8849704239242121350_o13575972_1275016695842834_924116946740619856_oThe next day, I had to drive their car back to Vancouver from the Portland airport, which had words on the side of it that said, “honk if you want to see us kiss.” And other interesting phrases.

Days later, Steve and I went to Australia to celebrate our 25th anniversary.

Our lives are back to a new normal now.   Luke and Julia are living about five miles from us.  As I look back, I am so thankful for friends and family that came alongside to help Julia and Luke with their wedding.

Its fun to see Luke and Julia start their new lives together, and I couldn’t be more happy for the two of them.

I need to shout out a big thanks to Emily and Robert Perez, and Heather Veach  for the amazing photography, and Skylar St. John for video.  I also need to shout out to Clementine Sunflower for letting your mom and dad do the photography, and  for inspiring your parents to take such great photos.

2 Comments on “On This Day. The Day my Daughter got Married

  1. I stop in every once in a while to see if you’ve posted anything. Did your blog move?

  2. thank you Patricia and Steve,too for sharing these precious thoughts and pictures. God is honoring all you do for your girls as godly parents: setting great example in your walk and service unto the LORD. We are SO BLESSED by the whole celebration and make me ( Leng ) want that for my boys:) You and Steve ARE VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE I have ever met:):):)

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