Female Friday: Dinner Conversation by Steve

So I guess I am supposed to come up with some brilliant essay once a week on the challenges of living with great quantities of estrogen flowing through my home.  Let’s just say I have learned enough over these last few years that I am pretty confident this is a setup of some kind.  I am also fairly sure I will not be able to meet the expectations of the women who read this.  However, I am game enough to give it a good try.

Let’s begin this endeavor with an observation about women that I am not overly fond of (yeah, I know, not the best way to start, but you are either going to love me or hate me and all I can do is be me). 

Last weekend we were invited to a dinner at a friend’s house.  We had some great bbq burgers and the company was fun.  The crowd was me and Patricia, our three girls, a single mom who is Gracie’s Girl Scout leader and her three beautiful girls who are near my girls’ ages, and another single mom and her teenage daughter.  So we have two single mom’s, three 8th grade girls, two 6th grade girls, a 4th grade girl, a 2nd grade girl, Patricia and me.  For the record, those odds are not unusual for me.

Dinner is great with fun conversation and lots of energy and laughs.  After dinner, all the grade-schoolers head off to play in their bedrooms, so now it is me and the three ladies.  And off we go for over an hour of conversation about their PREGNANCIES!  Are you kidding me?  Ladies, do you really not understand that even if the guy seems to be comfortable enough with himself to be able to sit through this conversation, he DEFINITELY is not enjoying this conversation?  Can we not talk about something we all have in common?  It seems like a basic rule of life we learn in grade school that we should always try to include everyone in the conversation.   Even my youngest daughter, Isabel, knows this.  At what point in a woman’s life is this simple rule forgotten?

If the roles were reversed in the above dinner party, I am sure with that many boys at a dinner table, it would have been a lot less civil during the meal.  No question about that one.  But I am confident that me and two single dads would not sit around after dinner talking with my wife about our vasectomies.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to change the world here.  I realize women will be women.  This was not my first conversation about pregnancies (I lost count around a million) and I am confident it will not be my last.  But please ladies, a little more consideration would be much appreciated.

3 Comments on “Female Friday: Dinner Conversation by Steve

  1. Steve, I’m a woman and I feel the same way about pregnancy talk. It’s not a woman thing. It’s a MOM thing, I think.

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