Party at the Laundromat

Our family just spent four glorious days in Sunriver, Oregon. I wanted to blog something very thoughtful and spiritual about the event.  Unfortunately, I was distracted by our homecoming.  Today, when we arrived home, we discovered that the cat had been shut in our bedroom for the night and damage had been done. Apparently, the cat went into our bedroom and the house sitter had accidently shut the door with the cat inside. The down comforter, the sheets, the pillows and everything between had become the temporary litter box for kitty.  Stephen, who isn’t fond of the cats, was a bit challenged by the event, but I am happy to report that he successfully survived and so did kitty cat.  The true challenge came when we discovered the washing machine wasn’t working and apparently the motor had burnt out.   Well, without defeat, Grace, who is the true owner of the cat, and I packed up the bedding and headed to the laundromat.   This was Grace’s first experience at the laundromat so she was fully in to the experience.  From there we made a party out of the situation because Grace is great at making a party.  After inserting coins into the laundry machine and putting our laundry in the washer we headed straight to Starbucks for a latte and cream based double chocolate frappuccino.  Grace worried for a minute about someone stealing our laundry, but I assured her that someone would have to be pretty desperate to steal cat urine infested bedding. Once hearing this, she was able to relax and enjoy her drink.  Sure enough, upon our return to the laundromat, with our Starbucks drink in hand, our bedding was still there.  From that point on, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience of watching all the other families do laundry, visiting with each other, putting more coins in the machines, rolling around in laundry carts and dreaming of getting inside dryers.   Alone, this would have been boring, but with Grace, everything has an element of fun!

 So, I have nothing spiritual or deep to share today except that I am thankful for this beautiful girl that can help me find fun in a laundromat and remind me (and her dad) not to get too uptight about the little stuff. 


 Grace in Sunriver, OR


Grace in Sunriver, OR

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