Not just pictures anymore

By Patricia

Stephen has been working for Compassion International for 15 years and today we leave for his anniversary trip. He has had the honor to lead the music and speaker program and manage an amazing staff that works with artists and speakers who partner with Compassion.  We are very proud to be apart of an organization with such high integrity and we are honored to serve with amazing people who love and care for children in poverty.  Working for Compassion has impacted our family in so many ways and today, we get to start our journey to meet the children that we have seen in the pictures at so many concerts and events.  My children have probably heard over 100 Compassion pitches by people like the late Rich Mullins to Jeremy Camp, Mercy Me, Rebecca St. James, Hawk Nelson, Bebo Norman, Bob Lenz, Pastor Dave and on and on and on.  They have passed packets out at concerts and sat with Dad backstage to meet the artists.  They have been behind the Compassion table, they have had the festival experience watching thousands of kids get sponsored and the greenroom experience listening to the artists tell their stories.  Now, they will be able to see the other side of the story.  They will meet those children and they will see they aren’t just pictures anymore.

By Julia

Hi everyone it’s Julia! I am so excited! We leave to go to Africa today. There are so many things I am hoping to see and do when we are there. I am almost sad we are going to New York first. I know that that sounds really ungrateful, but I am having a hard time getting excited when I know that in only a couple of days I will be in Africa!  To read more…….

3 Comments on “Not just pictures anymore

  1. Hi Julia! You bet I’m happy that you finished 4 pages on the flight to NY! Now there’s only 30 more to do…The class was a little lost without you today; we were working on some pretty difficult story problems, the kind that you usually nail and share your excellent thinking with the class! We had to rely on Oleg, Seaver and Gabe for some good strategies(now there’s a scary thought)!

    Have a good (long) flight to Amsterdam and Nairobi. I can’t wait to read about your experiences in Kenya!

  2. You bet I did. I brought 2 just in case!!

  3. Patricia, did you remember to pack your bug net for sleeping? 8) Have a safe & fun trip. I look fwd to your blogs and hearing your stories when you return.

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