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Day 2 – NYC

I am glad we had this time in NYC but look forward to leaving for Kenya tomorrow.  Julia and Isabel summed the day up well!  Grace was too tired to write tonight.  She was our photographer for part of the day. 

Day 2 – By Julia

Hey everyone its Julia. So let me tell you a little about what we did today. So first of all we took a subway. You see the weirdest people on the subway.  On one trip a man brought a chair with him, he just got on the subway put his chair down, sat in it and read his newspaper; completely unaware of my families stifled giggles. On the ferry we learned that New Yorkers are very aggressive. Like when we tried to get on the back deck, a teacher with a kindergarten class on a field trip kept stepping in front of me so I couldn’t get threw the door way. Also, everyone shoves here.  On the street I almost got separated from my dad a few times. Okay, so, we tried to get Broadway tickets, ya right, like that was going to happen, the line was literally almost a mile long! So instead we went to an Italian restaurant and had some of the best pizza in New York, we also ate amazing chocolate moose, like insanely good.           

Today I realized I am so not a city girl, I am glad we are only here for 3 days, any longer and I might go crazy. Its really overwhelming here all the lights and the sounds. Its kind of funny, I feel like it’s the day before Christmas (tomorrow we are flying out to Kenya), you know, that feeling that you just will die if you wait any longer, but then I am happy that we are in New York, so its like going to an amusement park on Christmas eve. You want the day to go faster but you also want to be there because you are having so much fun. So tomorrow I will be having a ton of fun, and at the same time in the back of my mind I will know that we are going to be flying to Africa at 7pm. 

Day 2 by Isabel Jones

Today I started my day with dumping juice on my Dad!!! Oopsy!

 Today was the first whole day in New York.  

 My favorite thing we did was to ride the subway. When we got on for the third time our family was the only people in our area, so Grace and I did not hold on and walked around. We screamed when it stopped, but we learned to keep our feet on the ground and kind of surf.

We visited a lot of places like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Time Square, and Central Park and more. Today is an unforgettable day. That is all I have to tell you today, hope you read my next blog. By!!!    




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