We Met Papa by Steve

We met Papa the other day (The Shack) and she looks like this.papa

The name she goes by here is Hilda and she is a key leader at an amazing ministry to children with HIV/AIDS.  They live next door to the Nairobi city dump, which is the biggest dump I have ever seen.  She just glows with love for these children that the world wants to reject.  It is a tireless and thankless job that has no end in sight.  When we asked her how we could pray for her, she replied, “Just mention my name to Him.  He knows me.  He knows what I need.”  She said this with the most amazing faith I have ever witnessed.  She went on to say,  “There are things that I want and things that I need and He knows what it is that I need.  Just mention my name to Him.”

5 Comments on “We Met Papa by Steve

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  2. Hilda is papa for sure. I’ve never met anyone who glows with the Holy Spirit like she does. I have her photo in my office and her faith inspires me everyday. I wish I could be in her presence more often.

  3. Dear Stephen,
    She is the perfect Papa. Thanks for the story. I will mention her name. See you soon,
    Love, Mom

  4. oh my goodness!! That was a tear jerker for sure!

    This blog has been a real blessing to us. Watching it has made Hailey really want to go to the Phillipines with us now. We are praying for a windfall so hailey can go too. I know that this kind of trip could be life changing for her!!!

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