Falling In Love Again

Yesterday our girls came into our bedroom to snuggle before school.  Its something they do regularly and we don’t complain.  After they left to go get dressed Stephen looked at me and said, “I have fallen in love with my family again”. 

It was so interesting that he had said this very thing because I had been thinking how much I love my family lately.  Now, I know that everyone loves their family, but lately, I have enjoyed my family.  The girls make me laugh all the time and I feel very connected to these three young ladies after such an amazing life experience in Kenya.  I am watching my girls connect to each other so much more.  They hug and comfort each other, they keep secrets and they consider each others feelings.  They talk about Kenya and remember funny moments, touching moments and life changing events.  Its like we went to summer camp all together, but we never had to say goodbye.  The intensity of this trip brought us closer and I don’t want to let go of this closeness. 

Now that the girls have gone back to school and reengaged all their activities, I find myself lonely for togetherness. Our time together is now more scattered and each of us   have our own stuff we are diving into.  Needless to say, I am bound and determined to keep this family close.  With kids in middle school, girl scouts, music, drama and all their friends, it can get challenging.  I find the competition stiff for time with my children but I know that means I must be determined.  It means keeping the family dinners going around the dining room table, and preserving a few evenings a week where our family can be together.  It means saying no to the girls once in a while when they want to spend another night with friends and limiting how many activities our girls get involved in, no matter how great the activities are.  It means I can say no to church when I see my family has needs.  I can ignore the phone during dinner and I can limit company (we get lots of guests). It means we as parents must determined what is best.  “The enemy of the best is the good.”  Our kids may have some good activities, as well as me and Stephen but we can get too busy with the “good.”  So, what is best?  It’s meaningful time together whether it’s playing, eating or worshiping.  Keeping a family close is a challenge, but so worth it.





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