Female Friday: Unexpected Blessings by Steve

There were definitely some blessings I received on our Kenya trip that I did not expect.  Patricia blogged about one of them yesterday (falling in love again).  That is a blessing I didn’t see coming.  I have missed my kids all week as they have been at school.  I love my family and our time together on this trip was AMAZING!

A funny blessing I got was on our day with our sponsored child, Hannah.  A bird took a crap on me and the Maasai laughed and said I had been blessed.  Evidently in Maasai culture, a bird taking aim at your shirt is a blessing.  It was worth a good laugh anyway.

But the big blessing I have been thinking about this week is how my daughters got to meet a couple of amazing young men who are in love with Jesus and are walking with Him.  As a dad, I want my girls to aim high for the kind of young men that they will choose to spend time with.  We have a lot of adult friends who are great men that they have been able to know.  But, my girls had never really met guys their age who were sold out for Jesus.  How many 15 year old’s do you know who give up getting a car for their 16th birthday so they can go on a trip to Kenya to visit poor children?  Torrey and KC are two amazing young men.  I wish there were more of them around this world, but the sad thing is they are fairly few and far between (Do I hear an “amen” from my single co-workers?). 

To be honest, I have been pretty afraid (terrified actually) of my daughters becoming interested in dating.  I just couldn’t imagine a guy their age that is good enough for them.  I know that is true of all dad’s, but seriously, I haven’t met a guy around here that I would want my daughters to date.

I guess all I am saying is thank you Torrey and KC for setting the bar high for my girls and me.  You gave me hope that there might be some amazing guys out there who are good enough for my daughters.  Thanks for the hope and encouragement!  And as a word of encouragement one man to another, keep up the great work.  You guys were an inspiration to me on this trip and I am sure you are to a lot of people around you.





2 Comments on “Female Friday: Unexpected Blessings by Steve

  1. OKay….Steve, Im not a Dad but I agree with you so much!!! I feel exactly the same way about Hailey!!Its a scary thing isnt it!!

  2. Ok, I know as a man you aren’t suppose to cry, but how can you read this blog and not need a tissue????? I can’t thank the entire Jones family enough for the blessings they you gave not only on the trip, but also with this blog. How great it is to read and have all the emotions that you never want to lose, come rushing back to the surface. You are a special family.

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