In Memory of Cone Head (Tilly)


For all our blog friends who read about Cone Head the Kitty, today was a very sad day.  Today she was killed by the garage door.  Indeed she was the wild kitty and went for the ride of her life. Apparently she had climbed on top of the car and jumped on top of the garage door when it was open.  Grace and I got into the car this afternoon, pulled the car out of the garage, shut the door and drove away.  Little did we know that the cat was on top of the garage door and as it shut, the kitty was trapped at the top of the door.  My neighbor across the street discovered her.  He called another neighbor who then called my cell phone.  Upon the news I panicked because Stephen, my husband, was out of town.  I could not bear the idea of having to return home and deal with the body of the cat, nor having my kids see this. I asked my neighbor to handle it, and so he did.  That is a good neighbor!!


So tonight we deal with the death of a pet.  Death has a sting no matter whom or what it is.  Our first death for the family was a Grandpa, then it was a friend.  A pet is a reminder of the horrible feeling that death brings.  It’s so permanent.  Saying goodbye for a life time is never easy.   My little Gracie is devastated as this kitty was her birthday present last year.  It is a hard thing to watch a child mourn death.  It is sad for us all.  A pet becomes part of the life of a family.  This little kitty with her wild ways was endeared by us all.  We will all miss her sweet little purr.

Grace and Tilly together last year

Grace and Tilly together last year


One Comment on “In Memory of Cone Head (Tilly)

  1. I’m so sorry! I’m a huge cat lover. I and my kids have shed many a tear over our deceased cats. Death, in loved ones or pets, is never easy. We’ll be praying for your family, because I know there is still pain and loss felt.

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