Preacher Larry


This man preached at my church this morning.  No, it’s not Charles Manson however; his mug shot is pretty scary.  This is Larry Jones (no relation to us as far as we know).   Larry got out of prison 8 years ago. I think it had something to do with conspiracy to murder, but does it really matter?  He is truly a walking miracle and one heck of a preacher boy. You go Larry!  He is a total family man now, an electrician by trade, and he is in Bible College studying theology. He is leaving in one week to go to the Philippines (for his second time) for a mission’s trip with his wife, Janet, and daughter. It’s hard to believe what Larry use to be when you meet him now.  He is full of such life and joy. 


Larry has been radically transformed.   When I see this mug shot, it’s hard for me to imagine it’s the same Larry Jones that goes to my church.  He and Janet are strong leaders in our church and have committed their entire lives to serving the oppressed.   Larry doesn’t look like your typical ex-con, drug addict.  He is clean cut and has that “I am a family man” look.  However, if you look at his arms you will see some narlatious tattoos.  The dark, demon like tattoos serve as his reminder to Larry of what Christ brought him out of. Also, on the practical side, tattoos are really hard to get rid of.


Larry brought an awesome message of hope to our church today in the midst of a scary world.  I believe he knows the truth and the truth certainly set him free.  Hearing Larry preach today made me realize once again the power of the living God in the midst of an uncertain world.  I am thankful this power is available to all of us.  Knowing Larry’s testimony and watching what God has done in his life certainly reminded me that God can move mountains as well as transform the worst of us.   Thank you Larry and Janet for your amazing ministry!!  Larry is one of our Faces of Hope.  Check it out!


One Comment on “Preacher Larry

  1. wow….Thats so sweet!! I just read this to Larry and he’s crying like a baby whos binky just got stole!! The last charge was actually…” rendering criminal assistance in a homicide”….. no he didnt commit a homicide ….. but he led a crazy life that God totally rescued and redeemed him from……….. as his wife, i can say that he really is an amazing man…true, genuine, the real deal!!The tatoos serve as a great conversation starter , one arm looks demonic and the other is a portrait of Jesus…..
    God reached down and rolled his sleeve up to pull him out of the muck and he has served Him ever since!!!

    Larry says thankyou for the kind words!

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