Female Friday: The First Day of Summer by Steve

Today is the first day of summer for the Jones’.  Yesterday was the last day of school, so today is ‘sleep in’ day and probably ‘bug dad in his office’ day.  I love the transition to summer.  To be honest, I hate early mornings and the older our kids get, the earlier they have to get up for school.  (I am already dreading the hour earlier for high school next year.)  So the switch to summer is always fun for me.

I look forward to the extra time we will get to spend together as a family.  We already have a big road trip to Wisconsin planned for July.  That is going to be great fun.  There is something wonderful about piling in a car together and taking each day as it comes.

The older our kids get, the more precious time together as a family becomes.  Tonight two of them are off to friend’s houses for sleep over’s.  The other one would probably be as well, but she is grounded.

I feel blessed that we have as tight of a family as we do, but I don’t want to get complacent in that.  I want to nurture our closeness.  Quinn’s death was such a reminder of that this week.  We really don’t know how many days we will get together.  I want to spend each one as if it was the last.  That is easier said than done.

Life still needs to be lived.

I have to work,

laundry needs to be done,

the house needs to be cleaned,

and the lawn needs to be mowed.

But let’s not forget the smores that need to be eaten,

bike rides that need to be taken,

pool’s that need to be swam in,

music that needs to be made,

and cheeks that need to be kissed.

Sorry for the sap, but this week had a lot of reminders for me of how precious life is and what a gift from God friends and family are.  This summer I plan to make them all a priority.  I hope you do the same.

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