On the Road….

GrizzlyBearApparently we have deprived our kids of the opportunity of camping and each summer they remind us of their depravation. So this summer we have dug out all our old camping gear and we will head into the snake infested, grizzly bear territory of the northern U.S states to allow our children this grand opportunity to pee in the woods. My last camping experience with my children was about 6 years ago, but apparently camping in front of my sister’s house doesn’t count in what they consider a camping trip. Just to add to our adventurous camping experience, we have decided to drive across America with our camping gear. Ok… not all the way across, but close enough. We will drive to Wisconsin so we can attend Lifest. Along the 4,200 mile route we have scheduled a stop at 4 major national parks (Glacier, Yellowstone, Rushmore and Theodore Roosevelt).

Now this adventure may sound fun to some but I am trying to decide whether or not this camping thing is going to work out with four girls and one man. Will Steve go crazy? What do I cook? What if I see a snake? You see, I can travel to India and Africa easier than I can pitch a tent. I use to camp a lot in college, and I must admit I discovered hotels after that. I like a hot shower and the luxury of a clean bed. I ask you all for any advice you can offer.

Today, I reluctantly called and cancelled a hotel that I had booked on the way after my family convinced me they wanted to camp as much as possible. In addition, this would save us money. Will it really? What if we need therapy after the trip? It could get a bit crazy out there…. What is your favorite camping story? Please share……

5 Comments on “On the Road….

  1. I am so glad to know someone else appreciates motels!
    But if I were in your shoes…I could be glad I’m with a group that wants to be outside and camping. A person can do anything for a short period of time.
    Snakes aren’t looking for you…so if you see one; just tell it you’ll see it later and head the other way!

  2. Hi Patricia,

    Just wanted to say how great for your family to share this time together and camp out along the way! God met with the Hebrew children in a tent long before we enclosed Him in a building. He tabernacled in that wonderful tent for many years as He led His children through the wilderness. Can’t you just picture the beauty of that Tabernacle in the midst of all the tents of every tribe as they camped and waited for God to tell them when to move? How truly amazing it will be for you to sit under all those stars He knows by name and spend special moments with your husband and children. Also, one of my favorite couples in the Bible, Aquilla and Priscilla, were tent makers. The Apostle Paul also made a living by making tents along side of them on many occasions as they worked and shared the Gospel. I imagine that the three of them not only made those tents but spent a few nights in them as well. Don’t you just know that God met them every single day and night, no matter where they were?!

    I don’t have any wise words to help you survive your camping experience in the way of what food to eat, etc., except that you might want to check out http://www.maryjanesfarm.org for tips on camping and food. She is an expert and has an abundance of camping tips and food you can order or just get ideas to meet all your needs.

    I so pray that the cloud of God’s presence will guide you through the day and that the pillar of His fire will protect you through the night. I pray that He will meet with you at every turn and bless you with His richest blessings in your journey. Have fun and enjoy His presence. Patti

  3. Love This! Be sure to use that Flip for the ‘Jones Summer Vacation of 09’ . . . cant wait to see!!

  4. Ok Janet… I will trust you on the fun thing and thanks for the recipe link. I will check it out.
    We leave July 2nd for 15 plus days.

  5. Let me help you Patricia 🙂 We are camping maniacs so we can give you any tips you need. I would highly recommend inflatable air mattresses and a french press for coffee in the morning 🙂
    A great site for camping recipes is http://www.koa.com/recipes/campfirecooking.htm

    You will have fun……I swear!! We are going camping this weekend and once a month for the rest of the summer, so when are you leaving???

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