Lesson #2 – Road trips are like childbirth

We have now traveled 2200 hundred miles.  For 6 days we have shared hotel rooms, bathrooms and the small space of a van, but I am happy to report that we are having a great time.

However, road trips are like childbirth.  It can be painful on the way but in the end there is a great reward.   There are many ways you can do road trips just like there are many ways you can bring a baby into the world.  There are those that are hard-core.  In childbirth it would be those who go with the natural method, meaning no drugs, no epidural, maybe even a home birth.  It’s going to be painful but you will be proud of yourself in the end.   For a road trip, the hard-core family would do it all natural.  They would not have movies or any electronics in the car.  They would interact with road games, possibly singing and definitely camping along the route.  They would be very happy with providing the opportunity for bonding and working out conflict.  I admire those that practice this method of travel…. But……no, this is not the Jones method.

We survived 2200 miles so far with electronic devices that not only entertain children, but also navigate our path so that our marriage will be spared from me having to read maps.  It’s the complete epidural of driving and it works great!  Movies, music, navigation, computer, Gameboys, books, etc. we use it all. The kids can watch an epic series while Stephen and I have time for great talks.  Frequently, we stop the electronic devices and interact, enjoy the scenic beauty, or work out some conflict, but without any hesitation or apology, we travel with technology.

Well, that is the truth.  I admit it.  That does not take away the thrill of the girls seeing the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, or driving through the smallest town you can imagine in Montana, or experiencing an amazing Midwest thunderstorm, or your children dipping their hands in the Mississippi River for the first time, or seeing the full moon as we crossed the border into Wisconsin, or playing at the largest waterpark in America.  Road trips are like childbirth: the experience is amazing, and the drive can be painful, but in the end, it’s a defining moment for a family.   I feel fortunate to be able to have this life of mine tonight!

Big sister giving some advice

Big sister giving some advice

The gas station of a small town

The gas station of a small town

Us at the Mississippi River

Us at the Mississippi River

Hotel bonding time

Hotel bonding time

One Comment on “Lesson #2 – Road trips are like childbirth

  1. I love it Patricia! Sounds like you guys are getting some good family time in…that’s what it is all about. Everything is fine on the home-front. Big kitty greeted me when I got home last night and I hear lil D every once in awhile. Can’t wait to tell you about the 4th…how the neighbors down the street tried lighting everyone on fire with their fireworks. Have a great trip and be safe. Love you guys!! Jen

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