Road trip Lesson #3 – Get adventurous

A very friendly wild donkey.

A very friendly wild donkey.

Give it up for the Black Hills, wild donkeys of South Dakota and camping.  I am scoring it as a 9.  It’s beautiful, warm, and there is a lot to do in the area.  It is worth the visit!  I would have given it a 10 if there were a toilet near my tent for the midnight run.

We are not only surviving our camping experience, but also enjoying it.  The last time we tried to camp with the girls they were in the eating dirt phase of life.  Now they do as we do and share the work.  Oh…. Mt. Rushmore is pretty darn cool, and the Wildlife Reserve drive around Custer Park is amazingly picturesque.   The girls were hoping for some more animal action, especially because they went on an African Safari this last March, but the scenery was the highlight on our Safari today; however, we did run into a friendly donkey and some cute prairie dogs.

Steve is doing great with us girls.  He seems into it.  I guess it’s that man vs. wild thing.  He is the man and we are the wild.  Hee Hee. …  He suggested we stay a bit more remote when we get to Yellowstone tomorrow.  Let’s give it up for Steve!! (Although he keeps hitting birds on this trip, 3 in all now).  The campground we are now at has showers, flush toilets, internet access and even a pool.  It’s a bit fluffy.  So tomorrow we are going off the grid.  We are going into the Man and 4 Females vs. Wild.  It’s grizzly bears, pit toilets and no showers for two nights.  Yes, us Jones’ are getting a bit adventurous, dangerous and possibly crazy.

We now have crossed the 3000 mile point.   We will probably have to use a brilo pad on the front of our car to get the bug carnage off, and the inside of our car looks a bit different then when we left our home 11 days ago, but the experience together has been awesome.  The fights keep us human and new experiences definitely bring us closer as a family.   I also must admit that this camping experience is great for our family bonding.  Between campfires and sharing a tent, we have had some amazing conversations and laughs.

So we are down to about 1700 miles until we are home.  Here are some highlights of this summer road trip so far!09 Road trip #1

Carol and Carla getting me my Fried Cheese Curds!

Carol and Carla getting me my Fried Cheese Curds!

09 Road trip #309 Road trip #6

One Comment on “Road trip Lesson #3 – Get adventurous

  1. My husband and daughter are sitting behind me on the couch as I am reading your blog and looking at the amazing pictures. My husbands response was, “Wow, why aren’t we cool like that?” and my almost 15 year old dauther’s response was, “Mom, I would kill you!” Sound typical?

    The pics are wonderful. Just wanted to say that Tony (my husband) and Madison (my daughter) just saw Bob Lenz in Wilmore, KY last month at ICTHUS. Amazing Speaker!
    Enjoy the last 1700 miles! God bless you and the space shuttle (that is what we call our van when we pack our 5 into it for a trip).

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