Awww….. I am thinking about just moving in with our friends up on Whidbey Island. I don’t think it would be that big of a deal for this family of three to take on the Jones’.Whidbey #8

After all, going to their home is one of my favorite vacation spots and we continually feel spoiled when we visit.  It’s the 5 acres of tranquility on top of the island with a view of the water and splendor of the night skies including a glimpse of the Northern Lights.  It’s the fresh vegetables out of their extensive gardens the seafood cookouts and homemade desserts. It’s the abundance of wild life and the beautiful perennial flowers. It’s the daily adventures and of course the hot tub.  Even my puppy had the time of his life eating deer poop and dead birds and slugs. (However we did have to watch him carefully because there are eagles that will swoop down for small pets).

Whidbey #1 Whidbey #5Whidbey #7

My friend Michelle has been in my life since the 7th grade. She has been a faithful friend and she makes me laugh.  She is pure spunk.   She is funny, highly social, smart and all too witty for her own good.  Her son is adorable with an extensive vocabulary at the age of 3 and can proudly say “hospitality”. All my girls are in love with him.  Her husband is wonderful and incredibly creative and collects weird objects, like old dump trucks (though they do not have any toilets in their yard or a couch on their porch.).

Whidbey #6Whidbey #2Whidbey #4

Every time we take the ferry over to Whidbey Island from Seattle, I feel like the stress of life leaves us behind and we simply enjoy beauty, fun, food, and friendship.  What a great way to end our summer vacation with our girls.

Whidbey #3Whidbey #10

3 Comments on “Awwww……..

  1. From your pictures I can sense the depth of your relationship. It’s beautiful, Patricia, & sweetly captured in the faces of your children. Those are the best kinds of friends :).

  2. my little sister finishes her deployment in Iraq this month, and then gets to move back to her home in Oak Harbor. another visit to whidbey is in my future!

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