Female Friday by Steve…..Knowing Love

My girls can drive me crazy.  They are dramatic.  They talk way too much.  They are incredibly emotional about things that just don’t seem emotional to me. It is a fairly regular occurrence in our home for me to scream out, “QUIET, I just need quiet for a minute.”  Man was not built to handle this many words in a day.

But I KNOW my girls love me.  They tell me, they show me, they hold my hand in the store, they need me to listen to them, they hug me, they kiss me even if friends are watching.  I KNOW I am loved.

We have friends who are having baby girls and some who have just had baby girls.  Blessed is the man who has a home of estrogen for he shall have the opportunity to learn how to listen and the opportunity to know love.

I am here to tell you that having a house full of girls can be an amazing blessing.  Show those girls how wonderful they are and you will be the greatest hero in the world.  Listen to their hearts and you will reap relationship you never dreamed you could have.  There is no doubt that it will require some sacrifice on your part.  You will have to listen to some of the craziest things on the planet.  But the reward is priceless.

So, to my friends who are having baby girls, you are the most blessed men on earth.  Listen to them until it hurts.  Let them know when you have had enough and they will respect you for it.  And when they really NEED to talk, give them your undivided attention and you will NEVER regret it.

Is there anything better than KNOWING you are loved?

2 Comments on “Female Friday by Steve…..Knowing Love

  1. Three cheers to that! The talking never ends at my house either. The girls will follow me into my room, the bathroom and interrupt other conversations to tell me things that seems trivial but you have to listen-all the time- because you never know when they are going to tell you something that is truly important.

  2. I had a house full of boys (4) and one little girl. You are right about the listening and loving. She changed our family when she arrived. She made it even better. I would love to meet your lovely ladies someday.

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