2 ears and 1 mouth

Autobahn_4_1“Girls, you have 2 ears and 1 mouth. What do you think that means?” declared Stephen.

 2 seconds of silence… then each girl gave their answer. “We should listen more?”

“Let’s try that” said Stephen.

 2 seconds of silence…then my oldest daughter, Julia, started talking again.

 Lately with the beginning of school, the girls come home full of stories and anxious to share. I have said it before that females tend to think like a fast moving highway, but frankly my girls are on the autobahn these days. My girls can talk for 3 minutes without taking a breath and I am starting to wonder if they can circular breath like Kenny G. They move from subject to subject like a squirrel on crack.

What amazes me is that Stephen occasionally can follow the fast moving highway…Men tend to think like a slow country road…..his girls are training him in speed listening. It’s as if he is getting on that highway and taking a Volkswagen van as fast as he can with the petal to the metal. It’s awesome. Occasionally, he needs to turn it off. You know, park it! Get back on the country road. Have a little silence. 110609vw-small

Me? I realize I join in on the fast moving highway with my 3 girls. I get that Ferrari a runnin, and speed through subject to subject as my husband hangs on for dear life. When we lose him on a subject, we remind him of the fast moving highway. Often, he is still on the subject we discussed 3 miles ago and we all have to pull over and wait for him to catch up.

 I realize that it must be difficult for my husband to be surrounded by females who tend to talk more than listen. He is a good man and I am reminded of the importance of helping my girls listen. Just as my husband has put in a lot of time listening to a lot of words with a lot of subjects… my girls and myself need to hear him too. We need to listen to each other and I need to help my girls learn this important part of relationship….

One Comment on “2 ears and 1 mouth

  1. this sheds so much light in to some of my conference calls with steve! 🙂 hehe!! 🙂

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