What we do for love

I am learning to play golf. For years now my husband has enjoyed this game, played this game and has asked me several times if I was interested in learning the game. In the past, I had no interest in the sport, but this summer I decided that I wanted to learn. I thought it would be a fun activity for my husband and me to do together. The day I told my husband of my interest, he shopped and purchased golf clubs for me. A week later he bought me shoes and tomorrow I will have a lesson. Obviously, he liked the idea of me pursuing golf.

Finding fun recreational activities that my husband and I can do together has always been challenging in our marriage. Typically we have liked different activities. My husband has always been a bit more adventurous than me but I would always try things out. First it was rock climbing. We did this for awhile, but honestly, I am not a big fan of heights. Then it was scuba diving. I was certified several years ago and did my open water dive in the cold waters of the Puget Sound. We then went to Hawaii, did a couple of dives with a company, then went out on our own and I had a full on panic attack. No more diving for me.

My husband tried racquetball for me. I had enjoyed the sport for a long time but he never got into it. I don’t think he liked the spastic ball bouncing all around the room.

I love snow skiing, but Stephen was never fond of it. However, 5 years ago, he finally went with me, and we had a lot of fun. We invested in equipment and we go skiing several times during the winter. It was wonderful having a sport to share with my husband.

I think it’s important to find ways to recreate with your spouse. It’s a way to connect and laugh. Trying different recreational activities is important too. I don’t regret getting my scuba certification….it told my husband that I loved him… I do wish I liked the sport but it’s just not me. Golf sounds nice though… the only risk in the sport is getting hit by a golf ball or suffering from humiliation. I can handle that. I look forward to time on the course with Stephen. I bet we will have some laughs….and yes, I get to drive the cute little golf cart. That is what we do for love.

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