Female Friday…. Do Boys Smell?????

 October photo shoot 003I had to laugh at my daughter the other night.  She is taking some music lessons and I asked her how it went and how she liked her teacher.  She replied, “It was good, but my teacher smells.” 

 I asked her what he smelled like and she replied, “He smells like a boy.’

 So this got me thinking about boy smells and girl smells.   According to some studies conducted at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, during puberty, the female nose gets more sensitive; however, the male nose gets worse.  In addition, it is more common for boys to have excessive secretion during puberty than girls.  Therefore, boys are not always aware of their excessive odor.  

 In all fairness, there are times my adolescent girls don’t smell too pretty themselves and I have to remind them of that fact.  Studies show the more a smell is introduced to us, the more desensitized we get to it.  That explains why some people wear excessive perfume,   or why a person can stink, but not know it.

 Now, her teacher is not an adolescent, so….. I had to wonder if he smelled “like a boy” because of excessive secretion, or my daughters female nose is more sensitive?   I really don’t know.

 So guys, you need to know before you get around the Jones girls, their adolescent noses are going to smell you whether you like it or not, and….. if you try to cover your excessive secretion with cologne, I want you to know, they won’t be fooled.

2 Comments on “Female Friday…. Do Boys Smell?????

  1. So funny…yes, I can attest that young females can have a powerful punch when it comes to smell. Thanks for making me laugh once again Fantastic Forrest.

  2. I read this the day you wrote it, and have been struggling to come up with a rejoinder. All I can tell you is that, whilst we were in Ashland, it was Super Son who had to leave a few of the shops because of patchouli overdose, and in the car, when Daring Daughter took off her shoes, I thought her brother was going to die of awful smell asphyxiation.

    So methinks that stinkiness sensitivity is not always gender specific. Nor is the stinkiness generation strictly limited to boys. He’s my shower every morning without fail child. Let’s just say there are some days she calls it good enough.

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