Bad Hair Day or Good Hair Day

crazy-poodle-haircuts-04Ok…I splurged a bit and feel guilty. My husband is out of town this week trying to hunt some pheasants, and so I did a girl thing and went into a salon today to get my hair cut and highlighted.  I usually have a friend cut my hair for me so it’s been years since I have gone into a salon, and paid salon prices, and paid salon prices, and paid that much money for hair.  I thought this would be a nice treat to start off my busy week but HELLO!!!! The sticker shock at the end of my “beauty treatment” was, well, a lot. It reminded me of taking my cat to the vet for a surgical procedure and watching the bill add up.  What was I thinking?  It kind of went like this….

Wow this is fun.  I like the salon…its pretty in here…

Wow…she is a nice stylist…and I like her pretty hair….

A new color for my hair?  Sure, why not…. $$$

Now for the highlights $$$$

Hand massage while I wait? How lovely

Wow…this is taking along time……

Humm…was this a good idea?

Oh and gloss for my hair? Sure, what is gloss?… $$$$

Now a head massage? Wow, that is nice. $$$$

Haircut time?  Ok… $$$$

Look at my hair. Wow, it only took 3 hours.

Excuse me. How much? $$$$

(Stomach ache) (Visions of my husband and his shocked face)

You want me to buy product too?

No, I don’t think so.

Ok. Here is my debit card (I actually heard the sucking sound coming from my debit card as the money transferred into the salon)

Thank you too…Can you call me an ambulance?

 (Vision of my children’s face when I tell them we won’t eat for the week)

Crazy_Hair Ok, well that was my salon experience.   My husband called tonight and I am really happy he is having a fun time with his friends’ because that seemed to be in my favor when I dropped the bomb.  Thank you, Danny Oertli, for supporting my husband during this difficult time.

 But dog gone it, my hair looks good!

3 Comments on “Bad Hair Day or Good Hair Day

  1. Hi Patricia–just found your blog after receiving an email from Compassion about the bloggers trip to El Salvador! Ben and I used to sponsor a little girl in El Salvador until she left the program last year. I hope you have an amazing time–this post is hilarious–I love the signs!

  2. As one who has seen the real ‘do, I can attest that it looks good. And when you look good, you feel good. Darling, you look marvelous! 🙂

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