Several staff in El Salvador, including the country director, told us that it was God’s divine timing that we should be in El Salvador 2 days after this hurricane.

Where are my army boots, where are my fatigues?  Oh that’s right, I don’t own these things.  All I brought was a computer, a camera and a few clothes. What a nerd.  How am I going to help in this state of emergency in El Salvador?  Needless to say, I felt humbled by such powerful and gracious words.

The country director shared passionately with us about this hurricane, with powerpoint and all.  His serious tone made me feel like I was at the hospital with a friend in crisis.  He is looking for help for kids and their families and we showed up and he said it was “divine”. Divine? Well, I do believe our bloggers will do their best to tell the stories and to paint the picture, but the divine only comes if our friends from home show up too.


5 Comments on “Divine?

  1. Hi Debbie,
    I think more than anything, I hope these new sponsors write their kids. Every time I visit projects I have kids asking me to tell their sponsors to write letters. I don’t know if people realize the impact these letters have. In fact one boy today told us his sponsor was the first person to tell him he was handsome. The project worker followed up by telling us that simple compliment changed this boys confidence. I could write an entire post on this very subject, but need to save some stuff for when I get back!!


  2. Patricia,
    So happy to see you on this trip. Just wanted to let you know that about 70 new sponsors from our church here in Huntsville, AL are following along on this… their first bloggers tour! Those that are sponsoring in El Salvador are amazed! Several have emailed today with notes of thanks for linking them to the blog. Thank you.. and the team, so much for making sponsorships real to those who are already sponsoring. I know that these trips are very much about obtaining new sponsors. However, anything we can do to engage those who are already sending their $38, yet nothing more…. is awesome. I don’t know how anyone can read these stories and see these pictures and not be inspired to write some letters to their childeren. I am praying for your crews safety, your experiences, and your hearts. I pray that God keeps your feet on every step he has for you. God bless you!!

  3. Thanks for your encouragement Lindsey and for following along. I want you to know how much that means to us all!!

  4. I sponsor a child in El Salvador…and I am soaking up every single post!! Keep them coming and God bless you!!!
    I am jealous that you’re on this trip, but also soooo happy that I get to “follow” along with you through your blog!!
    You’re in my prayers!!!

  5. I would like someone to email me please. I would like contact information from you. I do Faith based fundraisers. And would like to add you to our list.
    Thank you

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