Monday Letters – From the Road

For those who are just checking into my blog, every Monday I write a letter to my daughters. I do this for a couple of reasons. First, it helps me think about the things I want to say to them. Second, I hope to benefit others.

Dear Julia, Grace and Isabel,

As you read this on Monday morning, I will be on my way to El Salvador.

My trip just got more interesting because of the extreme weather they have been having in El Salvador. Apparently they have had hurricane conditions. First, I want to tell you not to worry. I will be staying at a nice hotel, and the Compassion staff in El Salvador will make sure we are safe.

I did see on the news that 91 people have died because of flooding and mudslides, and many more are missing.  I don’t know what to expect on this trip, or what I will see, but feel compelled to prepare my heart and to pray.

Sweet girls, please pray for the people of El Salvador and pray for this trip. Pray for the bloggers too.  Kelly, Molly and Heather are moms just like me, and they left their kids behind.  This is a hard thing to do.

I am so glad that you have been on a Compassion trip and I am glad you have met some of our sponsored children.  You have seen poverty, smelled poverty and understand the conditions that half the people in the world live in.  I know this has had a huge impact in your lives and I am thankful for that!  The three of you have such compassion for others, and I love your desire to make a difference in this world.

Please help me spread the word this week.  I want kids to get sponsored. Tell your friends about Compassion, and tell them to tell their parents.  Here is the link you can use to help me get kids sponsored.  (Sponsor a child)

I love you and send my kisses.



PS…Oh… and one last tip…..  When your dad has glossy eyes and looks tired and grumpy, its because you are talking to much and he can’t listen anymore.  Just call your Grandma Jayne or Grandma Sandra to give the poor man a break.

3 Comments on “Monday Letters – From the Road

  1. Hey, P(ricia,
    I am praying for children to be sponsored and I am passing the word.
    My phone line is always open to the girls.
    Stay safe, Sandra

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