Monday Letters – Christmas Lists

On Mondays I write open letters to my 3 girls hopefully to benefit them. I hope you enjoy.

Christmas 2003- Girls in the pajamas Grandma made.

Dear Girls,

Ok, I found your Christmas lists. Thanks for leaving them pinned up all over the house for me.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to find out what you all wanted. I mean, you all are so quiet about your wish lists (NOT).

I have a few questions though. Uhhh Grace… a Hybrid car?

Since you are 12, were you planning on parking the car for four years?

I give you credit for wanting a car that is fuel efficient though. Nice try. I am glad you were joking…. I also liked the air freshener idea for your room.  You are a creative girl.

Girls, girls, girls.  It use to be you wanted things like dolls, Dora stuff, Polly pockets, and Easy- bake ovens. Now that you are older the price tag on items that you want has gone way up.  Its iPods, stereos, computers, hybrid cars and cameras.  Santa and I are going to have to sell kidneys to keep up.

Actually, I know you girls would be fine without the big stuff.  I am confident you would survive without electronics.  Did you know advertisers spend $17 billion a year to advertise straight to you? They try to convince you that you need things you really DON’T need.  They are very sneaky and have studied kids like you to know exactly how to convince you that you need stuff.

I even struggle this time of year with all the advertisements.  When I go out shopping I find myself wanting to purchase things I don’t need.  I see the displays, I find the sales and I convince myself that these deals are too good to pass up.  I start wanting things I can’t afford and start dreaming of things out of my price range.

Gifts are so much fun but its easy to loose your head this time of year. It’s easy to focus on those things we don’t have rather than the things we do have.  I love it when you make stuff.  Julia, your scarfs and blankets are so beautiful, and Grace and Isabel, I love your art.  Great gifts certainly don’t have to cost much money.  I am also glad you appreciate those special PJ’s that Grandma Jayne makes.  Those are the gifts that come from the heart.

Love Mom

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