Drama in the Family

Drama, drama, drama.  Our lives are filled with drama this week, oh that Julia.  Let me tell you…..

The girl is in her first theatre production in high school! Its the best kind of drama. She is one of two freshman who have a speaking role in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.  She plays a pirate and Curio, who is typically played by a male but she doesn’t care.  I think she will make a beautiful man, and her costumes are awesome.  She has worked hard  and rehearsed daily for the last couple of months.  Thursday is her first of six performances, and we are excited.

Julia started her acting career at a young age.  She played a munchkin in preschool when her preschool did a rendition of The Wizard of Oz.  Her performance as a munchkin took my breath away.  I watched my 4 year old daze off with boredom then pick her nose.  It wasn’t just a pick and flick either.  The girl went digging.  I believe I laughed and cried that night, needless to say it took my breath away.  Julia has come a long way since that play, and she left her nose picking behind. (To her credit she gave me permission to post this story).

Anyway, we are proud parents this week and excited to see our girl make her big debut. Woot woot, go Julia.

2 Comments on “Drama in the Family

  1. Well, I don’t think she wants to be a Munchkin for the spring show, but I will mention it to her.

  2. The girl is destined for Broadway, I tell you.

    And that nose picking? It was the height of method acting. Everyone know that Munchkins are silly little boogers. Is she going to reprise the role in the spring musical? I will definitely buy a ticket.

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