Monday Letters – Bringing in the New Year!

Dear Julia, Grace, and Isabel,

It’s almost time to bring in the new year.   That means a couple things for me.  First, I will need to cut back on my food intake, for I am growing what you all call a “food baby.”  Second, I will need to increase my exercise so that the loose skin around my arms and legs can be put back into place.  It’s a little tradition that I have each year.

Along with my yearly tradition, I get to reflect on the past year.  I loved 2009 for so many reasons. It was our year of family adventures.  We experienced the subway in New York, we experienced a midwest thunderstorm, we experienced camping in a midwest thunderstorm, we experienced an African safari, and learned what it is like to camp in a tent with monkeys bouncing on the roof.  We experienced the slums of Kenya and we danced with the Maasai in the Rift Valley.  Wow, what a privilege to share these experiences with each one of you.

My favorite moments are still our family dinners around the table and watching you all laugh together.  I love how you tease Dad about being the only man in the house and that you all are old enough to “have our number.”  Dad and I can’t get away with as much.  You call us on our stuff and you are a reminder of why we need to call on God daily.

2010 will be another year with more adventures.  I don’t know what kind of adventures we will have yet, but I could not imagine having a better family to share these adventures with.  Happy New Years sweet girls, I love you so much.



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