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It’s back to school for you and back to work for me. I feel like we get to begin a new chapter in our lives.  Now maybe for you things won’t be very different on this Monday, but for me I have new opportunities in my life, exciting opportunities.

Today I will start a new job.  It seems to be perfectly orchestrated too. Not only will I get to lead trips for Compassion, but today I will start helping with local program that helps mothers and babies. Its called SELF (Support for Early Learning and Families).  My job is part-time, and I get to work from home, so I will be here to send you off to school and here when you get home.  While you’re gone to school, I will be learning all sorts of stuff to help moms raise their babies so that their children can do well in school and life.  How exciting is that.  Then I can blog about the things I learn and hopefully pass on good, helpful tips and resources to new moms!

The only thing that might change is that you will have an exciting opportunity to help me cook a little more and clean a little more.  Isn’t that wonderful? It’s a win/win situation!

I love you girls so much!  I hope your Monday goes great.



One Comment on “Monday Letters – New Opportunities

  1. Good News on thw job front! I’m glad to hear you got the job – let’s connect soon.
    Hugs and Kisses to the girls, animals and husbands 🙂

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