The Shoes of an Orphan

“She did not even have a pair of shoes!”  said Susan’s grandmother. “I was sick, I had no income and I had four small grandchildren to raise.”

As a mom, when I met this 12 year old orphan…….

my heart was totally heavy. But later in the day, when I went to her home and met her grandma, I realized this little girl has so much hope, a loving grandmother, a roof over her head, and shoes on her feet.  She has not been a victim of her circumstance. In fact, she is the top student in her class and wants to be a doctor. She proudly showed us her awards!

But there was a time when Susan did not have shoes.

When her mother died, Susan and her brother moved in with her grandma. Her grandmother had two other grandchildren living with her and no income. She was sick and growing weaker every day, and the children did not only lack shoes, they lacked food and hope.

Susan was registered with Compassion at 5 years old.  She was considered a highly vulnerable child because of her circumstances and Compassion needed to intervene to make sure her family could survive. Not only did Susan receive all the benefits of Compassion, her grandmother was given assistance, healthcare and training to start an income generating business.  She now sells used clothes in the market.

As I listened to Susan’s 66 year old grandmother, I was blown away by the fact that this elderly woman was so joyous.

After all, she has gone through tremendous tragedy with enormous hardship, but she never gave up. She said, “God is my hero!”

As I walked out of the small home, I looked down at the shoes by the door.  No, this family is not rich, but they have enough and they have shoes!

I have enough too, in fact I have more than enough.  It is always a good reminder to hear the stories of the orphans, and the widows.

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. (James 1:27)

After hearing Susan’s story, we walked back to the project.  Near by the project, I met these kids….my new best friends!

I definitely knew what kids weren’t sponsored.

Despite the missing shoes, despite the poverty, these children still seem to have spirit.  They still laugh, smile, sing, dance and love to play….but do they have enough?  You can make sure they do by sponsoring a child by clicking here.

2 Comments on “The Shoes of an Orphan

  1. Wow Marie, That is wonderful. Thanks for following along and sponsoring another child!!!

  2. I have been following most of your group this whole week. Thank you so much for the inspiration. I am now sponsoring a child and looking toward adding another. One of my daughters and I have wanted to do a mission trip for years and she will be 18 this summer and I believe we now have found where our heart belongs. Thank you!!!!!

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