In the Shoes that Share

Precious, beautiful, amazing, happy, overwhelming….these are the words to describe what I have experienced today in Kenya.  I fell in love with this little girl.

I watched these two children share a cup of nutritious porridge. The boy gently cared for this little girl with Down’s Syndrome, as if she was a princess. Maybe she was his sister, maybe a friend, but he sweetly shared his cup. Back and forth it went.  As I watched, my heart was flooded with emotion by watching two children share food in a land with starvation. I was also moved by watching two kids at their age share without conflict and…..there was no adult standing around making this happen. I guess it was a perfect picture of what we as Christians are called to do.

I was so touched, literally, over and over again.  One of my love languages is touch.  I love it when someone plays with my hair, and I like my back scratched, my hands held and a good hug.  These children SHARED such love with me today and touched my heart.  How did they know my love language?  Oh so sweet.

I decided to SHARE a song with some girls so I sang an old camp song.

I’m gonna sing, sing, sing

I’m gonna shout, shout, shout

I’m gonna sing I’m gonna shout Praise the Lord…..

When those gates are open wide I’m gonna sit by Jesus side, I’m gonna sing I’m gonna shout, praise the Lord.

We were at a Masai project today and ended up going to the home of a Masai woman who is the youngest wife of a man married to three women.  I guess this wasn’t so modern.  Her son is waiting to be sponsored, she was hoping we could help him get a sponsor.  Her husband is very old and in the hospital, and she is barely making it with seven children including grandchildren to raise.  Her grandchildren were beautiful, but their shoes were old and torn, so I took the opportunity to SHARE the shoes that my daughter Isabel had fundraised for.
When I got into the van, the oldest girl looked at me and said, “Do I get to keep them?”  Surprised by the question I asked her to repeat herself.  She asked again…..and I said, “Yes of course!”

Then she hugged the shoes as if they were a teddy bear and skipped away.   I totally melted and sat in the back seat of the van and let the tears flow. I wished my sweet little Isabel had been with me to SHARE in this moment.

I know it can be hard to share.  I know it’s difficult to give money, but if you SHARE… with these kids, you can help change a life!

Thank you Keely for sharing your pictures.

10 Comments on “In the Shoes that Share

  1. Your post was great! Plans interrupted and yet a small voice says thanks for the shoes, do I get to keep them? That brought tears to my eyes. I don’t know anything about where you were or the circumstances surrounding that question. I am just glad that someone was with that little precious child sharing true compassion in Jesus name. Thank you and your daughter, one never knows what God has in mind for us even when we have an itinerary. Blessings to you.

  2. Patricia and Isabel,

    Thank you…for being His hands and His feet.

    How lovely on the mountain are the SHOES of Him who brings good news.

    Terrell Welch

  3. This was so beautiful, Isabel. A true gift from God to these very poor people. God used you so greatly in Africa. You did a hard thing for him and it was amazing. I’m proud of you!

  4. Isabel, Sharing Shoes is a wonderfully joyful name. Keep up the good work, you are such an example for all young people.

  5. LOVE IT!! so very proud of isabel and her vision to share shoes with kenyans. what a HUGE heart and a BIG vision she has!! praying for you guys, patricia!! xoxo

  6. This is Isabel. The post made me cry. I remember the shoes they got. Just seeing them in the shoes made me cry. The kids need shoes and I gave them some. Just as a 10 year old I changed the life of those kids. Try to get more pitchers of kids in shoes for me. i think i want to change the name to sharing shoes

  7. Such beautiful pictures and a wonderful story. These are memories we’ll carry with us forever.

  8. Thank you Isabel for reminding me the importance of sharing! Thank you Patricia for sharing the joy of the children. Patricia, if you have a chance, tell the children about the joy they have put in my heart.

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