Mission accomplished! Time to go home.

In two hours we will be heading to the airport to go home.  What a journey we have been on and I hope that as we brought you stories from Kenya, you were able to feel it and travel with us vicariously. Thank you for all the encouraging comments.

As a trip leader, I have been so impressed with this group of bloggers.  It was a fun group of people with big hearts.  The 11 other people I traveled with on this trip are passionate about kids.  They truly get it, and for me this was pure joy.  We all spent time crying together and we also had time to decompress and laugh and joke. The best part   for all of us is seeing the amount of kids that are getting sponsored as a result of this trip, and it keeps growing.  We are all encouraged!!

Here are a few of my highlights.

Seeing my sponsored child Hannah, and having a day with her was by far my favorite part of the trip.  Sponsorship is more than sending money, it truly is a relationship.

Meeting Lucy, the project director in the Mathare slums was inspirational.  This woman is up there with Mother Theresa taking care of orphans.  Also, listening to the kids at this project sing was awesome.

Delivering the shoes that my daughter had collected was truly special. Seeing the smiles of the girls that I gave shoes to was worth the extra luggage.

I loved meeting the moms who are part of the Child Survival Program.  I loved hearing their stories and seeing how Compassion is not only helping the babies, but Compassion is helping the moms start micro-businesses and generating income.

I loved all the children I met.  They are so beautiful.

I loved watch the blog team come together and work together to get kids sponsored. This was not a vacation trip.  Many of our bloggers stayed up until 2 am at night to get there posts out, then woke up at 6 am to get ready for the day.  I think everyone is quite tired and ready to go home.

Finally, I loved having all the support of blog readers and friends.  All our bloggers were encouraged by people around the US and the world who were reading along and sponsoring kids.  Our Kenyan staff were encouraged to see these stories getting out and they had never seen a trip like this before. They got so excited when the sponsorships started rolling in.

Now it is time to go home and see my babies and my husband.  Wooh, I am tired.  This journey was well worth it but now I can say  Mission Accomplished!  It is time to go homes.

It’s not too late to sponsor a child either.  Keep em coming! Click here to see the kids still needing sponsorship.

10 Comments on “Mission accomplished! Time to go home.

  1. Thank you to all of you who followed along. I have been overwhelmed by the prayers and support, and comments that took place on this trip. We have been able to get hundreds of kids sponsored and hopefully I can share a final number soon. Blessings to all you who sponsor kids and especially to you who are advocates!!! Your work is appreciated and I feel as if you are a family. Thank you thank you!!!

  2. THANK YOU for sharing your trip and your heart!! God is working WONDERS through Compassion international and I love following along on these trips!!

  3. I have SO enjoyed all of these posts. Your stories and pictures are very moving. And that picture of Kristen is absolutely priceless.


  4. Just wanted to let you know we made it home safe. Love, Ryan and Allison

  5. Thank you to the entire team for sharing this trip with us. I was fortunate enough to sponsor Grace from Kenya in November 2009. This opportunity makes my commitment and sponsorship so real. I read every blog and loved the mom view from Kristen and McMama. I also hope to take a trip to see Grace one day.

    I am sending prays up for safe travels and the well being of each of the families back in the states.

    God Bless

  6. I know that your family will be thrilled to have you back. But, I must say that my family will be happy to have me back as well. I have been as addicted to these blogs as Julie and Stephen. It is time for me to step away from the computer, consider how God would have me respond as an advocate and as an individual to all that you and the team have exposed my heart and eyes to, and time to do some neglected house work!

    Praying for safe journeys and a gentle “re-entry” for you and the team.

  7. Thank you for going on this trip and bringing Kenya to all of us. You have done such a great job telling Compassion’s story.

    I’m an AC in Oregon and your MIL is on my team : )

  8. Juli, sounds like you were as obsessed as I was about reading all of these posts. I love these blog trips. I feel like I get to go on a trip without the jetlag and questionable food.

    Kristen, great photo! Sorry, I forgot to tell you she likes a little practical joke here and there. 🙂

  9. Thank you for sharing and for taking all the bloggers to Kenya. I read every single post of each of them and have been greatly impacted by their messages. I love the photos of the girls in their new shoes! I’m a Child Advocate for Compassion (and one of Steve’s early team members) — thanks!

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