Female Friday…When changes come

I did not think it would be like this.  I mean, I went to bed last night with toddler girls running around my home, and I woke up this morning with two teenagers and a pre-teen.  I still feel like the same mom, but my kids look different. I often have a hard time convincing myself that I actually have a 15 year old. Despite the ridiculous speed of life, my girls have shaken our world with new and exciting challenges.  Instead of potty training, we now have driver’s training.  Instead of messes with dolls and blocks, we have messes of makeup and hair product.  Play dates with friends are now texting with friends. Without mentioning names, one of my girls texted 1500 times in 11 days. Humm…and yes, we are dealing with this one.

Their bodies are changing too.  Along with the normal preteen and teen changes, I am shocked at how much and how fast my girls have grown.  I discovered last night that my 11 year old does not fit in a single pair of her shoes.  What has she been wearing for shoes you ask? Well, it dawned on me that she has been wearing my shoes and her older sister’s shoes.  We did get her a pair of shoes after a nice conversation of how she did not feel she needed shoes as much as other kids around the world. I finally insisted, realizing she was feeling guilty or something like that, so we bought her some new shoes. The truth is, I don’t want her wearing my shoes all the time because her feet smell like pre-teen feet.

Their speech is more articulate now. Julia is using intellectual words and phrases and surprising us with her scientific vocabulary, using words that I embarrassingly have to ask for clarification. Honestly though, this girl came out of the womb talking, so it’s no surprise.  Oh…and my husband and I can no longer hide conversations from the girls.  Like, we can’t spell things out that we don’t want the girls to understand and we can’t use code words or have covert conversations….the girls know when we are trying to hide something.

Their friendships are changing too. Middle school years are tough with vicious drama and rallying for position.  I am shocked at some of the terrible things little girls say to each other.  No wonder why kids come through middle school with so much insecurity….and then put puberty on top of that!

But even with all their rapid fire changes in life, and their supersonic estrogen explosions, one thing remains the same in all of their lives. I see it every single night when I tuck my girls into bed. Just like when they were little with their binky’s hanging out of their mouths and their bears tucked safely next to them, my girls still want the security of knowing they are ok.  Seems like no matter what the day was like, no matter how hard, no matter who got in trouble, my girls still need the security of knowing that when they shut their eyes, they are safe, secure, loved and accepted.   Yep, I still have a job and so does my husband.   Sure, my kids may look bigger and act older, but they still need us… they still need support and they need to know everything is gonna be alright. I have a feeling my job is not going to be done for a long long time!

8 Comments on “Female Friday…When changes come

  1. So sweet! You are so right! They change and grow SOOOOO FAAAAST!
    I have 3 teens! My oldest is a boy and is in his freshman year of college!
    That was rough to take! I miss him like crazy!

    My girls are both in high school and I can’t believe how grown up they are.
    I teach at their school so we actually have the same lunch and eat together in my
    classroom everyday!
    I’m so thankful…that they CHOOSE to hang out with me. How cool is that?
    As we near the end of the school year….I can’t help but think, next year I’ll have
    a senior and a soph in high school (and a soph in college)!

  2. We’re watching and learning and hoping to make it through as successfully as you. Rose just turned 9, Celia is 7, Esmae will be 4 in two days, and Abram turned 1 last month. We walk into the future a day at a time with faith and a humble dose of fear and trembling!

  3. Thanks so much for this post! My youngest daughter turns 12 next week and my oldest is 14 and it has been an interesting journey! 🙂 Sometimes I wonder if all the drama stems from our girls being adopted at the ages of 9 and 11, so it’s always reassuring to see other parents of teens and tweens are dealing with the same stuff!

  4. As a mom to 15 & 16 year old girls, I feel your pain!! We also have a 15 year old foreign exchange student that is a girl. Insanity reigns around our house as you can well imagine. Your right. Our kids still needs us even when it is rough at school or when they strike out every time they get up to bat (our girls are softball players). They need to know that they will have a safe place to be when the rat race of life gets to them. We cherish EVERY moment!

  5. I’m so happy to have found your blog, through WATF. I need to spend some time reading your previous entries. As a mom to two girls who are almost 9 1/2 and 11, I find that I’m completely unprepared for tweenhood. It’s scary, sad and beautiful and fun, all at the same time.

  6. Thank you for this beautiful post. Our daughter is 9 and the road ahead seems so scarey. With God’s help, I’m ready to face the challenges and pray I’ll do a good job. Thank you again for sharing 🙂

  7. this made me cry. My oldest is 10.5 and we’ve entered the full blown ‘tween stuff. And it is hard. She’s a little girl and a young woman and I don’t know what to say or do half the time.

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