Peace amongst the eruption…

My husband told me this morning that I could no longer respond to people by saying life  has been busy, so I am just going to say, life has been full of marvelous activities that often lead to emotional ups and downs, triumphs and defeats.  How is that?  Seriously, we have had six theatre performances, two concerts, a field trip, a school open house, multiple play practices for the girls, and work all in one week.  These amazing opportunities have led to pre-teen, teen, and pre-menopausal emotional extremes….that I can only liken to a volcanic eruption waiting to explode. Oh….and then I got on a plane and flew away to Colorado with flight delays and hotel reservation mix ups.

See photos from this week….

and Grace as Tweedle Dee on the right…..

and Julia as a soldier in The Wizard of Oz……

and sweet Isabel as my helper at Dozer days (the coolest event in Vancouver, WA),… she helped me hand out stickers and information to parents for Support for Early Learning and Families.

Seconds after visiting a church this morning, my girls started arguing in the church parking lot. Apparently they don’t care about what people think because some lady turned around and looked at us, and then she quickly turned back and chuckled. Luckily my husband calmly talked the girls through the argument ( I was rather proud of his gentle demeanor because we were visitors) and the girls settled down.  It was smooth sailing for awhile…for at least five minutes, but when we got home, another fight occurred with one child storming off in tears. Later in the day, I left behind two cute dogs, one fat cat, three emotional children, one husband, and  a messy house and I happily boarded my flight to Colorado. Thank goodness my husband is in a place that he is well equipped to handle the girls this week, maybe even better than me. When I called home after my flight, all my daughters seemed at peace. (Hummm…maybe I should take note of this!)

I realize that it’s not the hectic schedule that seems to get to me and my family.  I don’t mind having lots of things going on, I actually think it’s fun.  What is hard is the emotions around the home during “hectic” times. Everything is magnified…and it’s as if we see each others faults with more intensity.  The world becomes more difficult to cope with and people who are mildly annoying become very annoying.  My husband said something this week that resinated with me….he said, “the Devil loves to keep us busy.”

The other night, my family was outside decompressing after a long night and Julia was sharing with me some of her frustrating moments of the day.  She said, “Mom, I am just so tired. I am hearing all this bad language at school, sex jokes, kids talk about what they have done with who, then there are the mean girls and Mom, I snapped.  I just want to get away from it.  I am tired and I have not had any time with God.”

My other daughters started sharing some of their feelings and difficult things going on at school too.  It was good to talk and hear their hearts.  I cherish my girls.

Then their mother…..awwwww….I kind of feel like I am a chicken with my head cut off or a one legged man in a butt kickin contest trying to keep from falling (thanks Julia for the southern phrase).  As much as I like action, and as much as I love seeing my kids involved in life doing things they love, as much as I love to take on lots of projects,  I need peace.  I need to remember where my peace comes from. Julia reminded me that without spending time with God it becomes hard to experience the peace that gives me life.  Yes, without peace our lives become chaotic.  Without peace there is panic, anxiety, anger, edge.  Without peace there is discontentment, impatience.  You loose it.  Like, you yell at the ticket counter agent, or you cry when things aren’t going your way.

Peace is when you realize there is something bigger then yourself and…. just maybe… what you are going through isn’t that big of a deal. Peace is when you realize that you have no control over your difficult situation and you surrender it to God Almighty. Peace is knowing that there is a God who loves you and cherishes you, so it’s gonna be ok.   Peace is the moment you let your heart and soul crawl up on your Heavenly Father’s lap and let Abba hold your heart.

I laid down next to Julia the other night, and as I was tucking her in, after one of those hectic days, I told her, I felt so blessed.  I felt blessed that in the midst of a crazy world, I have this family to ground me and a God who loves me.  I see a world around me searching for something to believe in, grasping for significance, and I realize I do have peace…. because of Jesus.  He is the reason I have peace, and I have a very good life.  Julia heard me, she gave me her sleepy little smile and said, “yes Mom, me too.” And the world was o.k.

4 Comments on “Peace amongst the eruption…

  1. If you wrote a book, I would totally buy it!!! I am serious, i think you could write a fantastic book. Something like a Chicken soup for the soul type book.Not that you dont have anything else to do, but I think you should put that on your bucket list and let me know when its done!

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