A Sacred Event

“Mom, I overheard someone say that Tessa has been dreaming about this day all her life,” Isabel said thoughtfully.

We stood on the hillside overlooking the landscape that presented the perfect backdrop for a wedding.  It reminded me of a movie scene, the wind was gently blowing, the sky was turning colors as the sun was setting, and the lake below glistened as it reflected all the colors of the sky above. Isabel and I were waiting for Grace at the bathroom (ok that part didn’t remind me of a movie scene), and admired this moment.  We had just finished eating a bountiful amount of food that had been prepared by one of British Columbia’s best chefs, and we had witnessed a breath-taking wedding where the bride and groom declared their vows for life as they stood at the cliffs edge 100 feet above Lake Okanagan.  It was one of those moments I either expected Martha Stuart to appear or Jesus (not that I put them in the same category).

My girls have not had very many opportunities to go to weddings so this was a special event.  After all, Tyrell has been in our life since he was little and we have known the family for 20 years.  We loaded the family, drove the nine hours and ended up on Lake Okanagan.  We reunited with some dear friends and we all came together to witness the epic moment of two people joining together in holy matrimony.

As the bride walked down the isle with her father, I heard my husband choking back the tears.  The poor man gets verklempt at weddings every time he sees a father giving away their daughter for marriage. My eyes swelled up too, but this is nothing new because everyone knows I am a blubberer.  Julia looked at me and rolled her eyes.  My girls watched in silence.  I could tell they were studying and listening, impressed with the event.  Finally, the minister declared the couple husband and wife and said, “Tyrell, you may kiss your bride.”  We all felt the emotion of the moment as if we were watching a romantic movie unfold before our eyes.   This is the wedding. The two shall become one.

As we stood on the hill looking down on the scenery, Isabel turned to me and said, “some day I want to get married on a beach.”  Let the dreaming begin.

Then she skipped down the hill gleefully back to the reception and left me standing alone, waiting for Grace. I felt happy with the moment.  What a beautiful wedding and what a sacred event.

Isabel was my little photographer and captured some lovely pictures.

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