The secret to a successful family vacation!

Sometimes when we go on vacation, my girls fight.  There are other times when one child brings their alter ego on vacation and we have wondered if we left the real child at home.  I can remember one road trip, while driving through the middle of Wyoming, having an all out war with a child, and wondering if my sanity could spend two more days driving in the same car as her.  We made it home, but it was nothing short of a miracle.  Not all our vacations are stress free and conflict free, duty free and well… at all, but I have learned the secret to a happy vacation.

We left last Friday to come up to Kelowna for a wedding and we stayed a few extra days.    I am so glad we did, because this has been one of the most peaceful trips and fun family trips we have had in a while, even though my Gracie beat me at Putt Putt golf.  The alter ego’s stayed behind and three sweet girls came on vacation!  

The secret to a successful vacation is eat lots of ice cream,  every day, sometimes twice a day while vacationing.  When you do this, everybody stays happy.  Seriously…

7 Comments on “The secret to a successful family vacation!

  1. “The secret to a successful vacation is eat lots of ice cream, every day, sometimes twice a day while vacationing.”

    I could’ve used this information AGES ago; shall make a note to self with a Sharpie so I never, ever forget this important piece of parenting advice :).

    {hope you have a wonderful time in Peru…what a trip for you!}

  2. Marcus,
    Just so you know, Stephen and I loved hanging with your family. Your kids are so awesome! Looking forward to camp days and seeing you soon, and yes, those happy meals do wonders until your kids see the documentary “Super size me” and then they never want to go back.

    I am bringing your book with me to Peru, looking forward to reading it.


  3. happy meals work too! : ) But when McDonald’s loses its luster, we will be partaking often of your secret. Thank you!

  4. Thanks! The only draw back to this advice is that it requires extra trips to the gym when you get home. Oh well!

  5. I love this post. I can’t wait to be a mom!
    Oh and that first picture is unbelievable!

  6. That is seriously the best advice I’ve heard in a long time. Will take it with us in August. Thanks! 🙂

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