Happy 4th of July from Peru

Ok….first I would like to say happy 4th of July.  I am missing our neighborhood party and that just feels a little weird.  I may have to listen to my Ipod today to our 4th of July music mix just to celebrate in my own way.

Second, I am really tired.  We made it into Lima at midnight and checked into the hotel around 1 am, and we have to check out at 7 am this morning, so I have a lot of fog surrounding my head.  However, I would like to thank Starbucks for creating instant ice coffee so I can start my day with my caffeine boost that allows me to be the leader I need to be.

Third, I am praising God our entire group made it and we are here.  We had a little issue in Houston and the airline had two of our members on stand by.  They booth had assigned seats when the tickets were booked, but when their tickets were printed, the seats were gone.  Just so you know, if you ever fly and see that you don’t have a seat assignment this means they over sold the flight and some million mile frequent flyer has the seat that you were suppose to sit in.  Luckily they were able to get on because two wonderful people gave their seats up.

Finally, today we will travel eight hours up over the Andes Mountains.  We will be going up to around 11,000 feet or more as we travel through roads that our Peru staffed described as “snake like,” so I expect an exciting drive.

So blog friends, I will post when I can.

And the shoes that you all helped Isabel collect for kids are with me and heading for delivery.  Yippee.

Be blessed my friends and Happy 4th of July.

4 Comments on “Happy 4th of July from Peru

  1. Hi Debbie,
    I will take pictures and post some stories and deliver shoes. Thanks for your encouraging words!

  2. I hope that you take some pictures of the delivery of some of those shoes. That was one of the highlights of readings the Kenya blogs. Not only is it amazing to see the such a simple gift make such a difference in the life of these children, but I can not help but imagine the grip that God is getting on your sweet daughter’s life as she gets to the response to her obedience to His promptings … played out in a real way. Powerful stuff!!!

    Do me a favor will you? If your group gets to head to the country office and meet some LDP students this week, please look for a beautiful young LDP Social Work Major named Sicel Cardenas. She is my correspondence “child”. We have just been corresponding for a few months but it has been wonderful. The work of Christ in her life is so beautiful. If you are so blessed to see her, give her a hug from Debbi in Alabama!

    Blessings on you and your team this week. (Praying you have some Dramamine for that winding bus ride!)

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