27 miles

It’s 27 miles from Joseph, Oregon to my sister’s house in the middle of nowhere.

Two miles outside of Joseph your cell phone will no longer work.  Four miles down the road you feel like you have entered another world of man verses wild.  You are more likely to see wild animals than other vehicles along this narrow, winding road into Hell’s Canyon, but the scenery is stunning.

Usually when I travel this road, I anticipate the peace that awaits me at my sisters’ tranquil, five-acre farm.  Horses, streams, stars, art, chickens, gardens and quiet define this peace of heaven on earth. And the road getting there sets the mood……UNTIL…….

You let your 15-year-old drive.

Yes, this weekend we let our daughter, who now has her driving permit, navigate this 27-mile stretch of road.  No longer did this road offer me peace.  At every corner I felt like something would lunge out and jump in front of the car causing her to panic and whip the car into a ditch.  At every turn I expected a cliff to devour our mini-van.  Sweat, rapid heart rate, and adrenaline filled my body as we drove the 27-mile stretch.

The good news is we made it! She did awesome.  She navigated this road like pro and used great judgment.

After driving this 27-mile stretch with my life in my daughter’s hands, I thought about trust.  (If your prayer life is suffering, just drive with a teenager and I promise it will improve).

Do I trust God?  Do I believe that He loves me?  Do I trust others to love me too?  Do I trust my daughter to drive?  What happens to our trust when something goes horribly wrong?

Trust is so central to relationship.  It’s central to marriage, having children, being a mom and to our relationship with God.  However, sometimes trusting others can feel like you are about to drive off a cliff.   Sometimes trust feels reckless.

The bible makes it clear that we can recklessly trust in God.   Jonah jumped into the ocean and ended up in the belly of a whale, Joseph married his pregnant girlfriend, Hosea stayed married to a prostitute, Job stayed faithful through loss, Abraham trusted God with Isaac, and the list goes on.

So I have asked myself this question and I will ask you as well.

Do you recklessly trust in God or are you safe and controlled with your trust? How would your life change if you did recklessly trust in God?

3 Comments on “27 miles

  1. It sounds ironic, but recklessly trusting in God for me, is waiting on him to lead. I often like to jump ahead and make His plans for me thus doing things my way.

    Thanks for sharing ladies! It is wonderful to hear your thoughts!

  2. I think I would feel more alive if I recklessly trusted God. Playing it safe has left me feeling stagnant. I’m realizing that some things that I think are scary in life end up being the most fun or meaningful. Need to place some reckless trust in Him.

  3. In some areas, yes I recklessly trust God. The church I go to, God drew me to it and I’m there because that’s where he placed me. My job, I see the hand of God in the work I do. I’ve been discourage by promotions I haven’t gotten, but was God in control or not. Why didn’t I get the promotion? I may never know, but yes I believe hw as in control and I continue forward…that is trusting God. I don’t know how reckless it is. I worry about finances and so I’m lacking trust there; but I have to remind myself of all the things that get taken care of and know he is with me.
    I have made reckless decisions on my own and so I have a lot of caution about making BIG reckless decisions. Little decisions, I still don’t mind being reckless.
    Could I recklessly trust God more? Yes, I’m sure I could. But I think that I am on the verge of praying more recklessly, you know with wild abandon. I’ve been struggling with praying and I’m riding the wave…and see the need to be more reckless with prayer!

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