The naked shaved dog!

I will admit we found it difficult to come up with a title for this blog.  Many ideas were tossed on the table, but finding one that could completely describe this moment appropriately, was difficult.   The fact is, our little fluffy dog was violated and shaved today in a way that no dog ever deserved.  Purely wrong!

A year ago, our daughters convinced us that if they got a puppy, they would fully take care of it.  Like many parents across the world, we heard these words, “I will clean up the poop, I will feed it, I will brush my dog and of course I will walk it daily.”

We were convinced that our three daughters were telling the truth, so we got Levi.

Over the year, our girls have faithfully cared for this little boy, except for one thing.  They have neglected to brush his hair.  Levi eventually turned into Bob Marley dog and ended up with some serious dreadlocks.

Today, we took him to the groomer, and $50 later, he came home shaved and almost naked because his mats were so bad.  With his head disproportionate to his body now, Levi looks weird.  His tale looks like a furry finger sticking out of his back end and I won’t even mention the under belly.

When I brought him home from the groomer, each family member laughed at him with shock.  Levi’s little heart melted at the shame, and he hid his head beneath his front paw (I admit this is an exaggeration).

So, for all the parents in the world who cave into their children for a pet, please note that this is what happens.  Naked Shaved Dog!

To my girls, please brush your dog!

Before picture



4 Comments on “The naked shaved dog!

  1. yes Gail, at least it is summer or my dog would be living in Build a Bear clothes right now.

  2. I think Levi should meet Charly. Charly has been through this a few times now. But, at least it is summer!

  3. hahahahahahahahahaha!!! i love it! poor little guy looks so sad in the ‘after’ picture. give him a little extra hug for me!!

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