Shoes, Kidneys and Photography?

How do shoes, kidneys and photography all relate to one another? They don’t, but amuse me please, and read along.  You will now experience random subjects like billboards on a fast moving highway, based on the fact that I am a woman in a home with teenagers, and without time to come up with deep thoughts.  So, get your seatbelts fastened cause here we go.


Isabel has been preparing and building a website…(seriously the girl is amazing) for Shoes for Kids.  With blood, sweat and tears, and yes there have been tears, she has been working on her website via I- Web.  Hopefully it will be launched this week.


On a funny note, the other night Isabel asked me how much she might be able to get if she sold her kidney.  The conversation went like this.

Isabel: Mom, how much could I sell my kidney for?  I hear you only need one.

Me: Um…I am not sure; I have never sold a kidney.

Grace:  It’s against the law to sell your body parts.  I believe you can only donate them.

Isabel:  Well, I heard that people do this to make money.

Me: Isabel, why would you ever want to sell your kidney?

Isabel: I don’t really know.  I was just wondering how this all works.  I thought it might be a fast way to earn money.  (Then giggles and laughter)

Me: Yeah, I don’t think it’s a very good idea you silly girl!

My curiosity took me the Internet and I did find out that some countries around the world actually allow such things; generally in places that one might not want to go under the knife.  Yes, it is illegal in the United States to sell your kidney, but on the black market apparently they go for quite a bit of money, and there have been people who have tried to sell kidneys via Ebay.  That is weird.

Third, GREAT PHOTOGRAPHY and reports from Colombia

Stephen made it home from Colombia on Friday night and had an amazing trip.  If you love photography, check out Keely’s blog.  She is a fabulous photographer and you can see photos of my man trying to Salsa.  I had to ask my husband today why several Salsa dancers are following us on Twitter.  Humm… A second career?

2 Comments on “Shoes, Kidneys and Photography?

  1. Hi Tammy,
    Of course we remember you! I hope you and your family are doing well.
    We are enjoying the last little bit of summer. The girls say hi and we will check out your blog.

  2. Um…..Hey everyone:)
    This is Tammy.
    Do you remember me?
    A year ago, I went to America and lived at your house.
    I had a great time with you guys.
    I am the tallest girl:P
    Please tell me that you guys remember you.
    I had a word-press blog too:)
    Come and check out.
    I wrote something to you guys.
    I miss you all and love you all.
    And sorry for not replying the letter.

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