Shoes for Kids website is here!

Ok….here it is.  The new website for Shoes for Kids.  It was completely designed by the president, founder and owner herself.  Please check it out.

I have a trip to Guatemala in two weeks with these Compassion Bloggers, and I have a trip in October to Ecuador.  So send those shoes and we will make some happy feet.

3 Comments on “Shoes for Kids website is here!

  1. Great website, Isabel. Inspired by you , I took three pair of sneakers to Peru last week when I traveled there with Compassion. I’ll keep my eyes open for good deals and get more shoes to you periodically so you can get them to lots of kiddos around the world!

  2. Like the website, Isabel:)
    Oh and by the way, this is Tammy who misses you lots and lots.
    I’m thinking about this “sending shoes” stuff.
    So it’s like a donation? To kids of Guatemela?
    It sounds really kind and also cool.
    Please tell me about it;)
    Maybe I could help a little~

  3. Very cool site, Isabel! Keep up the good work, and thanks for making me aware of the need for shoes. A friend of mine is going to visit my sponsored girl in Kenya and he’s bringing shoes, thanks to your ministry. I’m sure they will be so happy to have them on their feet, and I’ll sleep better knowing they have some protection against disease.

    Thanks again –

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