Providing Entertainment for Neighbors – My dog moment

Occasionally I do things that bring unwanted attention to myself.

Like yesterday.

I took my dogs for a walk.  I can’t walk my dogs at the same time because they act completely out of control when they walk together.  My mom tells me I need the dog whisperer. My dogs compete for the front mush dog position and yelp the entire time.  Even though I have small dogs, they are mighty, and drag me along.  So I walk them separately.  First comes Levi, my cock-a-poo (not to be mistaken for a bird, but a cocker spaniel mixed with poodle, very cute and fluffy). This is Levi.

Exhibit A

Levi enjoys playing.

Exhibit B

Levi strolls nicely along when it’s just him and myself.  After our walk, I drop Levi off at home and pick up Delilah, the miniature dachshund.

Here is a strange picture of Delilah. She does have two ears.

Exhibit C

Yesterday, as I was finishing up my walk with Delilah (Exhibit C), I noticed this little white fluffy dog about a block away.  The dog was not on a leash and running around.  It looked just like Levi (Exhibit B).  Concerned that I had left a door open so that Levi escaped, I began to run after the dog.  When the dog spotted me running, the dog took off in the other direction.  I panicked as I thought about Levi running away.

Levi loves cheese and often letting him know that I have cheese brings him running to me.  So I began to run down the street with my miniature dachshund, screaming at the top of my lungs, “I have cheese! Levi, I have cheese.”

Neighbors who were out doing yard work looked up to see me,  the crazy lady running down the street.

The fluffy white dog continued to run from me and ran around the corner out of my site.

I continued to scream, “I have cheese.”

I feared for Levi getting hit on the  busy road  so I continued to sprint, now dragging my miniature dachshund behind me, shouting, “I have cheese.”  Finally, I turned the corner and caught up to the fluffy white dog only to see that he was not my dog, and….the dog was with his owner.  The owner looked at me as if I was a crazy lady, and all I said was, “That is not Levi.”  He looked at me with sympathy and nodded confirming my revelation.

I walked back home through the neighborhood hoping nobody was looking at me.  I decided not to make eye contact with any neighbors.

As I entered my home there he was right where I left him.

Purely out of my thankful heart that Levi had not escaped, I gave my dog a piece of cheese and reflected on the entertainment I provided my neighborhood.

The End

10 Comments on “Providing Entertainment for Neighbors – My dog moment

  1. Hi Sheila,
    Yes, Delilah got cheese as well. She is a good dog and keeps Levi in line.
    Nice to hear from you!

  2. So did Delilah get a reward (cheeze?) for “helping” you chase down the pseudo-Levi?

  3. That is too funny! I have tried the walking 2 dogs thing before also and, no is truly does not work. I got especially brave one day and tried it with a toddler in a stroller. Um, yeah, the poor kid ended up on the ground because the dogs wrapped their leashes around the stroller and had it stuck in mid air. Then there was the time my black lab saw another dog jump into the lake at the park and decided to do it too. Her leash locked and I will never forget the slow motion pictures of my brother flying into the lake with the dog. It was pure hilarity!

  4. LMAO – I could easily see myself doing this, I love the white dog, he looks like my Toto, she is a poodle mix also. I have lot of shoes to mail out and the paint too and surprise just for Isabella. I need to get to the PO! Have a grat day. My dog loves cheese too, I wonder if it’s a poodle thing?

  5. Karen,
    Ouch. that is kind of why I can’t take both dogs on a walk at the same time because they will trip me.

  6. Your dogs sound like they belong right at home with mine. However, my most recent “event” with the dogs involved them racing down the stairs, carrying me with them. I am glad that your adventure ended with less “distress” than mine. (trust me, there was no reward of cheese offered. Or french fries.)

  7. Oh my word! So funny! Your dogs are very cute.

    Our dog got out shortly after Annabeth was born and we didn’t even notice. Bless his heart. That evening we all went on a little walk and saw some neighbors down the street with a dog that *looked just like him.* What a handsome dog! we thought. It took way too long for us to realize that WAS our dog!

  8. That was VERY funny thanks for the great visual…. so the crazy lady now feeds her ‘found dog cheese’.

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