Simple Beauty

Sometimes, after a crazy week, I just need to think about something beautiful.  My daughter wrote this blog insert the other night for and it made me smile.

Shoes For Kids Making Happy Feet by Isabel

Praise the Lord. When I started shoes for kids, I was only planning on 20 shoes at a time, so I only got a space in my closet for a little more then 20 shoes. Now I have so many shoes I barely have any room for more shoes. I am laughing in happiness. I love getting shoes, it is so much fun. I love watching the closet getting smaller and smaller of space. Every time I open my closet and smell the smell of new shoes, like fresh rubber in the rain, and my heart beats faster and screams, “I want more shoes”.

See pictures of kids wearing shoes that I remember getting is my favorite part of giving shoes to kids in poverty. It makes me know that we are making a difference in the world and on kids feet.

So then Isabel posted this picture….and I could not figure out why she had chosen this picture because it did not show the shoes.

So I asked Isabel why she picked this picture, (Where are the shoes Isabel?),  Isabel’s response, “I picked this picture because this child is happy.  The cup made her happy, just like shoes make a child happy.”

I took this picture in Kenya this past March, and yes, the cup made this little girl with down’s syndrome happy so I could not argue. It is simple beauty. Perfect for a Friday.

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