The edge of civilization

We found the skin of a very long and big Anaconda.  It was a reminder that these giant monsters were close.

Then I woke up.

I dreamed about snakes last night.  After all, at least 3 -5 people per day have asked me about snakes in the Amazon this last week.   So add the comments, add the fact that I will be on the edge of civilization by Sunday night, naturally I am going to have snake dreams. Stephen and Julia will tell you that I have recurring snake dreams.

Stephen sprayed all my clothes for bugs with some “KILL BUG JUICE” and I packed all my lightweight long sleeves shirts and cargo pants.  I have my boots and I am soooo ready and stylin for the jungle in my cargos and safari shirts.

Stephen and I looked at a map of where I will be staying.  I am going to a town called Tena.  It is on the edge of civilization.  East of Tena there is simply green on the map until deep into Brazil.

I don’t know what to expect this week.  We will be at Compassion project.  The people speak a tribal language.  There are no cars in the village so transportation is by canoe.  I would imagine the children I will be with this week have never seen a city, a McDonalds or have driven in a car.  Then again, maybe I will be surprised.  I do have shoes for kids… 30 pairs.  As Isabel would say, that equals 300 toes, 60 feet, 30 happy kids. Thank you to everyone

I don’t know how much or how often I will be able to blog this week.  My hotel does not advertise high speed Internet or phones.  Instead, they advertise private bathrooms and screens (that means no air conditioning).

Saying goodbye to my family was hard.   It is hard to be out of contact for five days.  We usually Skype everyday when we travel.

But I have lots of prayer surrounding me, which feels so wonderful.  My mom, my kids, my church, my friends, it has been so encouraging to go with the knowledge that others are lifting this trip up.

So, I hope to write again, by the time I post this I will be safely in Quito.  By Sunday, I will be in my jungle accommodations.  By Monday I will be traveling by river and spending the day at the church project.  So my friends, I will update when I can…until then, I will be missing you….and missing my family.  So I say good bye for now and look forward to catching you up.

Love Patricia

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