An amazon update

With limited access to the internet, I only have a few minutes to update you all.

Things are going well here in the jungle. The good news is I have not seen a snake or been attacked by pirahnas, or biten by bugs.  I am like the human bug zapper with whatever my husband sprayed on my clothes.

I can´t give justice to the beauty of this place.  Yesterday, I stood on a mountain and overlooked jungle as far as my eyes could see.  Then I rode in a canoe on the Amazon, and experienced one of the most amazing sunsets of a lifetime.

But my favorite part came today when I met the children who live in this place and when I saw their smiling faces, when they laughed at my spanish, when they invited me to sit next to them at lunch, when they showed me the way through the jungle, when they showed me an ugly frog, when they showed me how they wash dishes in the river and when they showed me JESUS through their eyes.

I promise to tell you more when I have a better connection.

To ISABEL…. There are so many barefoot kids!  The shoes are soooo needed. I LOVE YOU SWEET GIRL.

To Grace and JULIA….I love you all so much. Big kisses. Be good for Dad.


To Mom…..Don´t worry.  All is good.

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