How to stay young? Go to Ethiopia

I will be 37 next Wednesday.  Yes, it is true.   Good bye 40’s here come the 30’s again.  I am thrilled.

So you ask how this is possible?  Next Wednesday I will be landing in Ethiopia where they use something similar to the Coptic calendar.  The year is 2003 in Ethiopia.   Even the way they calculate time is different.  7am is called “one” and 6 pm is “twelve”.  Between changing time zones and recalculating my entire thought process on telling time, I may need to brush up on my 5th grade math skills.  This could get embarrassing.

I am very pleased with my new age. Did I say that?  37 rocks!

It doesn’t seem possible to be leaving in less than a week for Ethiopia.  After all, I still have two itchy bug bites from the Amazon.

I had a dream the other night that I lost my passport in Germany so I could not get to Ethiopia and I could not get home, so I went to this little café and bought chocolate.  I am a smart girl, even if I am only 37. Chocolate solves a lot of problems.  This dream was way better than having snake dreams like I did before I went to the Amazon.

I am taking six people from Tri-Lakes Church in Monument, CO to visit Compassion project ET104.  Their church congregation sponsors over 70 kids from this project and several Ethiopian kids from outside this project.  We are going to be having a FUN DAY where the 7 of us will meet all the sponsored children from Tri Lakes Church and we will have a party and possibly have a little goat BBQ (baaaaah).  It really is a dream trip for me to see all this go down!

Leaving my family continues to be tough part about traveling, but my family is supportive and excited.  Isabel has shoes coming out of her ears (for real), and we need to move a lot of shoes.  I will be taking a ton of shoes with me. My husband will be leaving for Brazil later in the month and he requested a BIG bag of shoes to accompany him too.  Can’t wait to see a bunch of kids get some nice shoes on their feet from

My heart is starting to prepare for this big trip across the world to a place known for their hunger, poverty, orphans and AIDS.  I talked to my friend, Brian Seay, who adopted two kids from Ethiopia, and he told me just how unique and wonderful Ethiopia is.  He told me stories about the food, the people, the culture and his amazing experiences in Ethiopia.  He told me to prepare for coffee ceremonies (which rocks!) and to prepare to see beautiful people.

I am getting all my things in order, I am psyching my self up for the 25-hour plane ride (and 25 hours home), I am praying.   What my eyes have seen and what my heart has experienced this year is overwhelming.  This is my last international trip for 2010 and I must say it has been quite a ride to see the glorious work of our Creator.  I look forward to celebrating on this trip and having a party with 85 children who have had their lives changed because of generous people who sponsored them.  What a fun way to end this travel year.

8 Comments on “How to stay young? Go to Ethiopia

  1. Hi Kim,
    We are spending most of our time Debre Zeit. I have heard very good things about Ethiopia!

  2. You will have a wonderful time. It’s a beautiful country and filled with hope. What areas are you traveling too? Our daughter is from Awassa. I’ve traveled to Ethiopia twice in the past few years and will go again in June. It’s my favorite country. Have a wonderful time Patricia.

  3. Awesome! My mom and twin sister got on an airplane to Ethiopia today all by themselves! Their ministry INTO THE STREETS OF ETHIOPIA delivers formula to four orphanages there. It’s my mom’s first trip to Africa and I know she’ll come back changed. Have fun and be safe!! We will pray for you. I’m so jealous.

  4. What a cool trip! I think it’s so neat that churches can sponsor kids from one project.

  5. Wow another trip, you are a busy woman. Good luck, be careful and have lots of fun. Glad you have lots of shoes to take with you, all the best. Mary

  6. Wow! That is all I can say. 100 to 150 pairs? Oh my word! Isabel is going to flip out with excitement.

    25 hours on a plane….. goes like this. Watch 4 movies. Read an entire book. Blog, organize files in my computer until the battery dies. Sleep for 6 hours then get up and then try to stretch after my neck has been cranked in a funny angle. Go a little crazy!

  7. Wow! I thought I had been busy here! Sounds like an amazing trip. We are keeping our hopes up that you can lead our trip to Bolivia in June. Just wanted to let you know that the shoes have been coming in and by the grace of God…we went over the goal of 100 pairs of shoes. We are counting and packing this week. Hope to ship by Monday. Looks like at least 150 pairs of shoes at a glance! Get ready Stephen….we have a load for ya!

    So, curious…. what does one do to keep themselves sane on a 25 hour flight? If I had a bed to stretch out in, it might sound like heaven – in an airline seat, not so much…..

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