The Tale of Two Fences

If my fence could tell a story, it would tell you about two sets of neighbors that border our backyard.  Part of my fence would tell you about a family that laughs a lot and enjoys life.  It would tell you that this family welcomes many people into their backyard for BBQ’s and fun.  The fence would explain how beautiful these neighbors are, how they love the Lord and how they make great friends.   The fence would see that it’s only purpose is to be a border between yards because friendship crosses over the fence all the time.

My other fence which borders my other neighbor, would tell you a different story.  This fence would tell you of an unhappy man that keeps his yard in perfect order.  It would explain how each fall this man spends several hours a day picking up leaves, vacuuming leaves and compulsively grooming the yard.   The fence would tell you that nobody comes to visit.  In fact, this fence would tell you that it often hears the screaming and cussing of a father to his adolescent child and wonders what happens inside the home.  The fence would tell you stories of the man reaming neighborhood children who step on his lawn. It would tell you the story about the day that two neighborhood children were walking their dog and the dog piddled in the man’s yard, and how the man spent 5 minutes cussing and screaming at those children for this despicable act. The fence would also tell you about the day that the man screamed at the boy across the street for playing his drums in the garage, then calling the police. This fence would describe the man as angry and compulsive even vicious at times.

The moral of the story….  Some fences are for keeping people out, and other fences are for inviting people in.

Mark 12:30 -31 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.

I am trying to love thy neighbor.




2 Comments on “The Tale of Two Fences

  1. You poor thing, I have some great neighbors. He needs to move to the country, no kids no noise no dogs etc. Then he can be mean to the trees and birds. Feel sorry for the kids. I have a crazy house across from me, loud, messy, but I have be-friended them because they need help and I love all the children, it’s not their fault, it’s the missing mom and dads fault. Someone keeps calling the police on them and the town, hopefully they will get it and keep the place picked up. Bring a hot plate of cookies to him, hey you never know. Mary

  2. My heart breaks for your screaming neighbor. He is so wounded that he is driven to wound others. Be kind to this man; he may already see who you are; he may not. It may be a wordly phrase to commit random acts of kindness; but I think it’s a real Biblical perspective. Next time you bake some cookies or something; bring him a plate; one you can give away…so that if it’s not returned it doesn’t matter. But it might force him to bring it back. Ask him what his favorite flower is when you deliver the cookies; and watch to buy some seeds or a plant some time in the future.
    I’m glad both neighbors aren’t like that.

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