Prayers answered and prayers needed

I admit it.  My head is swirling.  I received two large boxes of shoes today from Ohio, and learned yesterday that we will be receiving several hundred pairs of shoes from Arkansas and Alabama in the next couple of weeks for Isabel’s shoe ministry.  When I told Isabel, she was in shock and awe.  The mother load is coming!

Her prayer resonates in my head.  A few months ago, Isabel prayed to God that she would be able to help every child in the world receive shoes.  Look what happens with a prayer, and the Body of Christ willing to come together to be that answer to prayer.  We are His hands.  We are His feet.  But in the process, my garage is filling up with shoes.  We have trips coming up for delivery, but we may have to find ways to step up distribution.  Our small operation of collecting shoes and distributing shoes is turning into a medium operation. Are we ready?  This makes my head swirl!

Last night at dinner we talked as a family.  Where are all these shoes going to be stored?  What are some ideas of stepping up distribution?  We strategized, we schemed, we thought of some creative ideas.  Do we need shoe delivery trips? Would volunteers come along to help us?  Please pray as we move forward!  It gets us so excited.  I continue to think of the dump in Guatemala.  Oh how I would love to take more shoes to the Compassion project near the dump. Also, the Compassion staff in Peru has asked for shoes for babies and toddlers.  The need is endless.  Think of all those little feet!

Today I sent off the papers to the IRS to formalize as a 501(c)3 non-profit.  We have five board members and we are now registered with the IRS and the State of Washington.  I ask you to pray that we are granted our 501(c)3….and quickly.

I ask you to pray that we can find free storage.  Our goal is to keep our overhead low so we can just focus on the ministry.  I have a friend in our town that is looking for a place for us that would not charge any rent.  Please pray something may work out.

Please pray for Isabel.  She is a busy girl who is only 11.  She continues to get invited to speak.  Two schools have invited her to come in so the students can do a shoe drive.   She continues to get nervous.  Wess Stafford, from Compassion, passed on a message to Isabel to let her know that he continues to get nervous every time he speaks.  He said that this reminds him that he needs the Holy Spirit.

We are also praying about partnerships with other ministries as well who work with kids.  We want to make sure we do this right!

We are praying about a trip for Isabel.  She told me again last evening how she wants to see what she is doing overseas.  Ok ok, I get it.

I am leaving on Tuesday for Ethiopia with Compassion.  I am taking as many shoes as I can.  Stephen leaves for Brazil next week.  He will take as many as he can!

This entire thing started this last March with $30 in Isabel’s pocket.  She bought the first seven pairs of shoes.  I feel like it’s the loaves and fish story.  Look at how it multiplied.

Jesus, help us get these shoes to the masses now.  Thank you Lord for the opportunity!

24 Comments on “Prayers answered and prayers needed

  1. My mom just send me your link. What a wonderful family ministry that you have!!! If you are still looking for someone to partner with you should check out Tom Eggum at I’ve been on several trips with him in the past. We delivered shoes to street orphans in Romania with him. He has lots of foreign mission experience all over the world for over 25 years. His main focus at this time is Uganda (he just got back). But I think he’s also been working near the dumps somewhere in Peru. I am excited to see the vision that your daughter has. I’m going to talk to my family to see if we can do a shoe drive here. Liz

  2. Hi Bonnie,
    I just sent you an email with the address. So good to hear from you and I hope all is well!

  3. Isabel ROCKS! You are an inspiration and example of what God can do when we go for it with our all and let Him work. Keep going and never stop!

  4. Patricia…I know you’re in Ethiopia right now but I’d still love to know how to help. Send me an email, let me know where I can send shoes. This brings tears to my eyes to read (tears of joy!) and I am just so thrilled how God is using Isabel and your family in such an amazing way. Reminds me of a friend of mine, I don’t recall if you met Elizabeth Baumgartner or not but…Proverbs 31:20 started with her “leftover” grocery money and it’s mind-boggling where God took that so… this will be amazing to watch, too.

    Send me that information when you get a chance and in the meantime, I’m going to go shopping…

    Blessings!!! Bonnie

  5. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for the ideas. We can’t send the shoes overseas without a lot of hassle with customs but we will continue to get people to take them. I have more and more volunteers popping up which is very cool. We trust God has a plan! As far as shopping, trust me it is no burden for the child. She loves picking out the shoes!
    We are just blessed at such an amazing response and everyday I am getting emails from people who want to help. I think we may have storage too.

    Be blessed,

  6. Sarah K,
    Don’t hold back those shoes. We definitely need small sizes. We get a lot of shoes in bigger sizes plus we are committed to getting all the shoes out no matter what!
    Thanks for the prayers!

  7. Oh My! I’m really happy about the shoes, it’s touching. My suggestion is to have the address of a Compassion site that needs shoes and what size, I’m willing to mail them to someplace other than you. Just a suggestion. Next time I will probably send cash, or go someplace like Target for free shipping. The shipping was more than the shoes I sent, I’d rater she has all the $$, but then it’s a burden on you to take her shopping. This is all a good lesson for Isabel, deep breath, it’s going to be great it’s going to work out. So, if you also ask for $$ you can shop when you need the shoes and no storage needed. Keep us posted on her progress. Mary

  8. Wow, what amazing things God is doing through you and Isabel. You both continue to say yes as God asks you to step out, and He will work out the details of the how. I have no doubt of that, though I imagine it must be a bit overwhelming for you all now as this grows so rapildy.

    You have my prayers. I was planning on sending some toddler/preschool sized shoes, but maybe I should hold off a bit? Please let me know.

  9. Awesome post, Patricia! Very exciting! Around here, many of the companies have downsized significantly and have left lots of empty space. There would be liability issues that an owner would be concerned about in having you store shoes in an empty location, but there may be a businessman you know with some available space to store shoes. Or sometimes you can buy those shipping containers pretty reasonably and have it delivered to some kind-hearted person’s property for a storage solution. 🙂 I’ll be praying and looking forward to see how God moves in all of this! Woo Hoo!
    ~ Diane

  10. Patricia…this is SO awesome! I’m still so encouraged by Isabel’s story…thank you for sharing how it all began on one of our many boat rides in the jungle. 🙂 Know that I am praying for her and this ministry that the Lord has laid on her heart! Be safe as you travel this week!

  11. Hi Scott,
    Yes, we have had some contact with them. They also look for NGO’s to help disperse shoes. I found another org that will help us if we need it for dispersement right here in Portland. We have about 6 trips in Jan and Feb so that will help a lot too!

  12. Patricia,

    Have you ever thought of contacting Tom’s Shoes? They are doing shoe distribution all of the time all over the world for charity.


  13. A big thank you to all for your prayers. Everyday God overwhelms us with something new in this ministry and it makes life so much fun!

  14. Marji “Mike”,
    We would love to connect. Please send me stuff about your ministry and maybe we can figure out something.

  15. Hi Jill,
    Yes, we would love to. Isabel would be honored. I have a couple trips in February, so I will have to figure out some dates, but we can make something work!

  16. This is so awesome! My homeschool co-op would love to have her come speak to us in Feb. Then we want to collect shoes for the term and present them to her at the end. We can talk details later if you are interested and she is available. I’ve presented the idea to our leadership team and all that’s left is for me to ask you and Isabel.

    Praying for all your requests.

    My husband leaves for a couple hours to go to Haiti with Haiti Foundation for Hope and Medical Teams International. He was supposed to leave Thursday, but flights were canceled on account of the hurricane.

  17. If you’re looking for partner ministries…we work within the country of Lesotho (Southern Africa) distributing shoes and clothing to needy children in schools and villages. Please let me know if I can be of any help.

    Marji “Mike” Kruger
    Anchor Your Life

  18. This is very exciting. I will be praying for God to provide everything you mentioned.

  19. Isabel, you have such a kind and generous heart, and a supportive family too – this is an amazing thing to hear about! Keep stepping into your dreams, and remember what’s impossible with men is possible with God. XXX

  20. Patricia,

    We are praying for you. I can’t help but think that God has a ridonkulous solution to this that you will only find out about after it shows up. We look forward to finding out what that is.

    -Scott and Rachel and Nathan

  21. wow wow wow wow wow wow!!!!! Praise Jesus!! Will pray for all that you have asked. I would love to go and distribute some shoes someday, somehow with you.

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